Buyer Sample Clauses

Buyer. APPLE NINE HOSPITALITY OWNERSHIP, INC., a Virginia corporation By: /s/ Justin G. Knight Name: Justin G. Knight Title: President
Buyer. Buyer shall credit to the Over/Under Account all amounts in excess of those amounts due to Buyer in accordance with the Principal Agreements on the date Buyer receives or has received both (1) a payment by Seller or an Approved Investor pursuant to a Purchase Commitment and (2) a Purchase Advice relating to such payment without discrepancy; provided, however, that funds and Purchase Advices received by Buyer after 4:00 p.m. (New York City time), shall be deemed to have been received on the next Business Day. Buyer shall use reasonable efforts to notify Seller if there is a discrepancy between a wire transfer and the related Purchase Advice, and thereafter, Seller shall notify Buyer as to whether Buyer should accept such settlement payment despite the discrepancy between the amount received and the related Purchase Advice; provided, however, that if an Event of Default or Potential Default has occurred and is continuing, Buyer is not obligated to receive approval from Seller prior to accepting any amounts received and releasing the related Purchased Assets.
Buyer. Buyer, , will take title to the Property 17 described below as Joint Tenants Tenants In Common Other .
Buyer. The obligations of Buyer under this Agreement are subject to satisfaction of all of the conditions set forth in this section 7.2. Buyer may waive any or all of such conditions in whole or in part but any such waiver shall be effective only if made in writing. After the Closing, any such condition that has not been satisfied shall be treated as having been waived in writing. No such waiver shall constitute a waiver by Buyer of any of its rights or remedies if Seller defaults in the performance of any covenant or agreement to be performed by Seller under this Agreement or if Seller breaches any representation or warranty made by Seller in section 5.1 hereof or in Seller's Closing Certificate. If any condition set forth in this section 7.2 is not fully satisfied or waived in writing by Buyer, this Agreement shall terminate, but without releasing Seller from liability if Seller defaults in the performance of any such covenant or agreement to be performed by Seller or if Seller breaches any such representation or warranty made by Seller before such termination.
Buyer. Buyer agrees that until the Closing, except as otherwise provided herein or required by law and except for the exercise by Buyer of any remedy hereunder, Buyer shall (a) keep confidential the pendency of this transaction and the documents and information supplied by Seller to Buyer, (b) disclose such information only to Buyer's agents, employees, contractors, consultants or attorneys, as well as lenders (if any), investment bankers, venture capital groups, investors, title company personnel and Tenants, with a need to know in connection with Buyer's review and consideration of the Property, provided that Buyer shall inform all persons receiving such information from Buyer of the confidentiality requirement and (to the extent within Buyer's control) cause such confidence to be maintained, and (c) upon the termination of this Agreement prior to the Closing, return to Seller promptly upon request all copies of documents and materials supplied by Seller. Disclosure of information by Buyer shall not be prohibited if that disclosure is of information that is or becomes a matter of public record or public knowledge as a result of the Closing of this transaction or from sources other than Buyer or its agents, employees, contractors, consultants or attorneys.
Buyer. The representations and warranties of Buyer in this section 5.2 and in Buyer’s Closing Certificate (defined below) are a material inducement for Seller to enter into this Agreement. Seller would not sell the Property to Buyer without such representations and warranties of Buyer. Such representations and warranties shall survive the Closing for the Survival Period, at which time such representations and warranties shall terminate. Buyer represents and warrants to Seller as of the date of this Agreement as set forth below in this section 5.2.
Buyer. NOTE: WCWD has stated that costs may not be passed on to the Buyer.