Working Xxxxxxx Sample Clauses

Working Xxxxxxx. When any shift works, the Union may refer a working xxxxxxx for each shift who will be paid at the journeyman wage rate for the job classification in which he is employed. The xxxxxxx duties shall be to ascertain the standing of the men employed and look after the general interests of the Union on that job and will be allowed reasonable time to fulfill his responsibilities for the benefit of the parties to this Agreement. It is understood and agreed that the working xxxxxxx must be able to productively perform any available work. The working xxxxxxx shall not be discriminated against for discharging his duties as a xxxxxxx. The Union shall notify the Employer the name of the working xxxxxxx on each job. Designated officials of the crafts shall be permitted upon the job site provided that said official complies with safety regulations and does not affect the work in progress. Before the Employer discharges or lays-off a xxxxxxx, the Employer must discuss the reason for the discharge or layoff with the local Business Agent having jurisdiction over the work.
Working Xxxxxxx. Employees outside the bargaining unit will not perform work that is normally done by employees in the bargaining unit. However, nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as prohibiting foremen from doing work for purposes of instruction, provided by doing so a lay-off of bargaining unit employees does not result, or in the case of an emergency when regular employees are not available, provided that every effort is made to find a replacement.
Working Xxxxxxx. The basic hourly rate of a Working Foreperson shall be the basic Journeymen rate plus 10%.
Working Xxxxxxx. Shall be an employee with the qualifications of a Journeyman Mechanic, and who has been requested to take charge of a job over 3 consecutive days duration where 2 additional Local 787 Members are employed. On any job where 3 or more Local 787 Members are employed a Xxxxxxx must be designated and he or she must be a member of Local 787. A Journeyman Mechanic who has been requested to take charge of a job as Xxxxxxx shall hold the position and pay of a Xxxxxxx for the duration of the job.
Working Xxxxxxx. When the crew size is five (5) or less, including the xxxxxxx, the xxxxxxx may be required to work with the tools of the trade.
Working Xxxxxxx. The working Xxxxxxx shall be paid not less than one dollar and fifty cents ($1.50) above the highest rate.
Working Xxxxxxx the working xxxxxxx shall be paid not less than one dollar and fifty cents ($1.50) above the highest rate