Section 13.4 Sample Clauses

Section 13.4. 24 Seniority rights shall be effective within the bargaining unit, with first preference to new or open positions, 25 layoff, recall, given to seniority within the general job classification as set forth in Section 1.3., then 26 preference to other qualified employees from other classifications on a seniority basis.
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Section 13.4. 46 The District shall cause funds to be available for expenses and materials to establish courses of study 47 within the confines of the District that would be of mutual benefit to the employee and the District.
Section 13.4. 2 The Employee Retirement Contribution to The Public EmployeesRetirement System or the School 3 Employees’ Retirement System shall be tax deferred in accordance with applicable State rules and 4 regulations. 8 ARTICLE XIV 9 10 GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE 11
Section 13.4. 15 In determining whether an employee subject to this Agreement is eligible for participation in the 16 Washington State Public Employees' Retirement System, the District will comply with applicable laws 17 and regulations.
Section 13.4. Notice of Holders; Waiver.................................... 78
Section 13.4. 29 The Classified Review Board will use a mutually agreed upon classification system to evaluate a 30 position. Employees are encouraged to bring as much information as they feel necessary for 31 clarification, which shall include proposed revisions to their job description. The CRB will interview 32 employees, observe an employee on the job if deemed necessary, provide a numerical rating of the 33 position, and properly place the position on the classification scale. All CRB members shall be trained 34 or retrained in the system prior to hearing appeals. Decisions will be made by consensus. The CRB 35 will decide whether a reclassification, if any, will affect a single employee, several employees, or all 36 employees within a job description. 37
Section 13.4. 37 Employees may participate in the District’s expense reimbursement plan (Section 125). 38 39 Section 13.5. 40 In accordance with RCW 28A.400.370, the District will provide liability insurance and personal 41 property insurance for employees “while engaged in the maintenance of order and discipline and the 42 protection of school personnel and students and the property thereof.” The limits and eligibility for 43 this insurance coverage will be according to District Policy and Procedures.
Section 13.4. Effective with the signing of this Agreement the selection of employees to perform as Pharmacy Technicians shall be at the discretion of the Employer. Pharmacy Technicians shall be enrolled in the Employer's Technician training program. The Pharmacy Technician will be on probation during the length of the training program and will be demoted, or terminated in the case of a new hire, during said probationary period if satisfactory progress is not made in the training program. Employees who are performing as Pharmacy Technicians on the effective date of this Agreement shall be evaluated to determine their skills, abilities and knowledge relative to their position. Employees in need of additional training shall be enrolled in the training program and given the specific training needed to correct the deficiency. In the event the employee is unable to satisfactorily complete the training then he will be demoted.
Section 13.4. 25 Whenever used in this Agreement, the terms “general job classification” or “job classification” shall 26 refer to a specific job title in Schedule A, such as Lunchroom Helper, Bus Driver, or Custodian. The 27 term “General Job Classification” shall refer to one of the larger grouping as listed in Section 1.3. 28 29 Moved 1.3.2 and 1.3.3 to their own sections 1.4 and 1.4.1 due to topic
Section 13.4. 23 Employees newly hired to the District shall remain on probationary status for a period of time not 24 exceeding six (6) months. Testing for drugs and/or alcohol abuse may be required of all new 25 employees and employees on probationary status.