Section 13.4 Sample Clauses

Section 13.4. 24 Seniority rights shall be effective within the bargaining unit, with first preference to new or open positions, 25 layoff, recall, given to seniority within the general job classification as set forth in Section 1.3., then 26 preference to other qualified employees from other classifications on a seniority basis.
Section 13.4. 2 The Employee Retirement Contribution to The Public EmployeesRetirement System or the School 3 Employees’ Retirement System shall be tax deferred in accordance with applicable State rules and 4 regulations. 8 ARTICLE XIV 9 10 GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE 11
Section 13.4. 8 The Classified Review Board will use the Xxxxx system to evaluate a position. Employees are 9 encouraged to bring as much information as they feel necessary for clarification, which could include 10 proposed revisions to their job description. The CRB will interview employees, observe an employee 11 on the job if deemed necessary, provide a numerical rating of the position, and properly place the 12 position on the classification scale. All CRB members shall be trained or retrained in the system prior 13 to hearing appeals. Decisions will be made by consensus. The CRB will decide whether a 14 reclassification, if any, will affect a single employee, several employees, or all employees within a job 15 description.
Section 13.4. 32 Nothing contained in this Agreement shall require Union membership of employees who object to such 33 membership based on bona fide religious tenets or teachings of a church or religious body of which 34 such employee is a member. Such employee shall pay an amount equivalent to normal dues to a non- 35 religious charity or other charitable organization mutually agreed upon by the employee and the Union.
Section 13.4. 2 Incremental steps, where applicable, shall take effect on September 1 of each year during the term of 3 this Agreement; provided, the employee has been actively employed continuously for at least one-half 4 (1/2) of the previous employment year.
Section 13.4. 25 An employee who refuses to become a member of the Association in good standing or pay the service 26 charge in accordance with the previous sections, or presents a valid request for exemption shall, at the 27 option of the Association, be immediately discharged from employment by the District.
Section 13.4. Notice of Holders; Waiver.................................... 78