Scratches Sample Clauses

Scratches. (Q) appliance malfunctions and any resultant leak there from; (R) any stain, soiling or damage resulting from everyday use or which has built up over time, e.g. hair, body or suntan oils and/or lotions; (S) signs of soiling include darkened areas where the body comes into contact with the furniture (these darkened areas are signs of soil build-up, which is not covered); (T) general maintenance and overall cleaning of the furniture is the consumer’s responsibility; (U) damage due to harsh or corrosive chemicals; (V) acids, including without limitation, dyes and inks (except ballpoint), plant food and fertilizer and bleach, gum; (W) any non-operating part or decorative parts such as hinges, knobs, handles, or shelves; (X) coverage under another insurance program; (Y) delivery and/or redelivery and/or loss or damage to the Covered Product while in the course of transit; (Z) design deficiency; (AA) fabrics with “X” cleaning codes and non-colorfast fabrics and leathers; (AB) odors; (AC) variation of the color, or graining of wood or wood products, marble or leather; (AD) split leathers used in seat cushions, back cushions or top or inside arm areas; (AE) natural markings on leather, such as, healed scars, insect bites, brand marks or wrinkles, or suede, and leathers with embossed patterns other than those stimulating natural cowhide; (AF) non- bovine leathers, and other buffed leathers; (AG) stains, color loss or damage resulting from cleaning methods or products (detergents, abrasives or other harsh cleaning agents) other than those recommended by the furniture manufacturer; (AH) stone or sand abrasion; (AI) loss or damage resulting from: pre-existing conditions known to You; (AJ) wear related issues, such as but not limited to, fading, wear, seam separation, stress tears, loss of foam resiliency, pilling or fraying of any fabric on all types of furniture; (AK) color loss or cracking and peeling on any leather or vinyl; (AL) splits or bi-cast leather; (AM) furniture that is used for commercial, institutional, outdoor or rental purposes; (AN) Customer’s Own Material furniture; (AO) wicker, rattan, and teakwood furniture; (AP) massage chairs; (AQ) stains or damage to suede, split-grain leather hide or exotic leathers; (AR) manufacturer quality issues such as stress tears, fabric flaws, fading, color loss or change, loss of foam or resiliency, cracking and peeling of leather or vinyl, natural leather markings, and defects in design and workmanship; (AS) Stains or...
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Scratches stains, mechanical wear, rust, mold, optical deterioration, discoloration and other changes that occurred after delivery that do not affect product performance, other than discoloration of the glass.
Scratches and chips in porcelain tile, ceramic tile, glass, kitchen and vanity counter tops, and plastic surfaces;
Scratches dents, gouges, rubs, mars and other irregularities in decorative columns or in drywall surfaces;
Scratches rubs, and dents in metal painted and unpainted surfaces;
Scratches. (1) After a school has accepted an official, and then scratches the official prior to a contest, the scratching must be in writing and approved by the superintendent, principal, athletic director or other designated representative. Note: Officials shall not be scratched the day of the game, except by mutual consent of both schools. A copy of the letter must be submitted to the other school and the officiating chapter.
Scratches chips, dents splits, mars, rubs, and abrasions in woodwork, hardwood floors, built-ins and cabinet surfaces;
Scratches scuffs or gouges that remove material or distort the outer edge of the wheel can be repaired. The following prices apply to aluminum, alloy and chrome plated steel wheels as shown in Exhibit J.
Scratches. Surface scratches of 25mm or less where the primer or bare metal is not showing are acceptable providing they can be polished out. Four surface scratches on one panel is acceptable. • Unpainted mouldings, wheel trims - Scuffs and scratches of 25mm or less are acceptable provided the mouldings or trim is not broke, cracked or deformed. • Badges, emblems and labels - Badges, emblems, labels, logos and advertising livery should be professionally removed and returned to its original condition. Any damage caused by the fitting or removing, including faded paintwork is not acceptable. • Soft and hard top convertibles - Convertible roofs must be fully operational and free from damage, rips and tears. The rear window must not be cracked or creased. Accessories originally supplied must be present and in good condition. • Tow bars - If fitted, a tow bar must be in good, rust free condition with electrical connections that work and ball cover must be in place. Windows, glass, door mirrors and lamps • Panoramic roof - The roof must be fully functioning with no chips, cracks or holes. Surface scratches are acceptable provided they can be polished out. Maximum of four surface scratches is acceptable. • Windows/windscreens - Light scratching is acceptable providing it does not interfere with the driver’s line of sight and heating elements and automated driver assistance system still work properly. Damage in excess of 10mm in the driver’s line of vision or in excess of 40 mm elsewhere in the area swept by the vehicles wiper blades are not acceptable. Windscreen wipers must be present, secure and in good condition. • Door mirrors - Missing, cracked or damaged door mirror glass and housing units are not acceptable. If adjustable and/or heated door mirrors must work correctly. • Lamps and lenses - All lamps and lamp units must work. Minor scuff marks or scratches of 25mm or less are acceptable. Holes or cracks in the glass or plastic covers are not acceptable. Tyres and wheels • Tyre wear and damage - All tyres, including spare must meet the minimum UK legal requirements (minimum tread depth of 1.6mm in a continuous band around the centre three quarters of the tyre) and comply with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations of tyre type, class, size and speed rating for the vehicle. There must be no damage to sidewalls or tread. Uneven wear due to under or over inflation is not acceptable. • Wheels and wheel trims - Dents on wheel rims and trims are not acceptable. Scuffs up...
Scratches scuffs or gouges that remove material or distort the surface of the wheel may be repaired for $100.