Water damage definition

Water damage means accidental discharge or leakage of water or steam as the direct result of the breaking apart or cracking of any part of a system or appliance (other than a sump system including its related equipment and parts) containing water or steam.
Water damage means loss caused by:
Water damage means all loss or damage caused by water, whatever the source and whether or not driven by wind, other than loss or damage caused by or resulting from "flood" or "named storm".

Examples of Water damage in a sentence

  • Water Damage to Technologists (AAPT), Volume 89, 1989[2.2.2] Prithvi S.

  • The Xxxxxxx Company will provide Fire, Smoke, and Water Damage Recovery for TIPS Members.

  • Status of Utility Water Damage Claim – The report from Gallagher Bassett, the claims adjustor for Arch Insurance, payment will be made for all of the blacktop paving less the$5,000 deductible.

  • Status of Water Damage Claim, Administrative Building – Net payment after deductible in the amount of $3,385.22 is being mailed to LPVRSA.

  • To find a professional, check under "Fire and Water Damage Restoration" in your Yellow Pages.

More Definitions of Water damage

Water damage means incidents emerging from the UAV submerging in water. Including submersion in, but not limited to, rivers, lakes, sea, ponds, reservoirs or swimming pools.
Water damage. This means loss caused by:
Water damage means damage to a motor vehicle caused by submerging or partially submerging the vehicle in water to the extent that the vehicle was submerged or partially submerged at any water level above the dashboard of the vehicle, regardless of the actual dollar amount of the damage.
Water damage means any damage that significantly adversely affects the eco- logical, chemical or quantitative status or ecological potential, as defined in the Water Framework Directive, of the waters concerned, with the exception of adverse effects where Article 4(7) of the Water Framework Directive applies;
Water damage means all water damage other than Flood. Named Insured: <Named Insured> Policy Number: <Policy #> Effective <Date> at 12:01 a.m. local standard time at the mailing address of the Insured. This endorsement attaches to and forms part of the <Policy Type>, issued by <Issuance Company>. MASTER POLICY RATE SCHEDULE The rates as stated below are applied per $100 of the declared estimated Total Project Value. The rates are valid for projects of up to xx months duration. Unless otherwise stated, the rates are annual and minimum rates and shall be prorated for the exact term of the construction.The rates are valid for projects with an estimated Total Project Value up to $xxx. Projects with an estimated Total Project Value in excess of this amount and/or projects of longer than xx months duration and/or projects or coverages which are not specifically rated below must be individually underwritten and agreed to by the Underwriters prior to binding. BASE RATES:1. New Building Construction (defined in item X below):
Water damage means all water damage other than Flood. Attaches to Policy #:
Water damage. If a water line breaks or if there is a roof leak damaging any of Tenants’ personal property, neither the Management Company nor the Owner has any liability for the damage. FIRE: In the event of a fire, the Owner’s insurance will cover the damage to the structure and his possessions. Tenants’ personal belongings are not covered. For these reasons, we strongly recommend that all Tenants purchase renter’s insurance to cover the numerous perils that could involve their personal property.