Liaison Sample Clauses

Liaison. Each Party shall designate a liaison to facilitate a cooperative working relationship between the Contractor and the Agency in the performance and administration of this Contract.
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Liaison. Liaison for the purpose of audit shall be through a representative(s) nominated by the Official Agency.
Liaison a. Serve as CONSULTANT'S liaison with CONTRACTOR, working principally through CONTRACTOR'S superintendent and assist in understanding the intent of the Contract Documents; and assist CONSULTANT in serving as CLIENT'S liaison with CONTRACTOR when CONTRACTOR'S operations affect CLIENT'S on-site operations.
Liaison. Both parties agree to have specifically named liaisons at all times. These representatives of the parties will be the first contacts regarding any questions and problems that arise during implementation and operation of this contract.
Liaison. City’s designated liaison with Contractor is BPD Deputy Chief Xxxx Xxxxx, and Contractor’s designated liaison with City is Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx, YVAS Director.
Liaison. The Official Agency shall nominate person(s) including veterinary officers and senior management to liaise with the Contracts Manager in the Authority. The following meetings shall be held:
Liaison. Each Airport Employer shall designate a liaison for issues related to the Program. The liaison shall work with LAWA, the Coalition Representative, the Referral System provider, and relevant public officials to facilitate effective implementation of this Program.
Liaison. Provider and OSMI shall agree upon one or more Provider representatives to serve as liaison(s) for OSMI regarding RehabPlus billing and operational matters.
Liaison. City’s designated liaison with Consultant is Xxxxx Xxxx and Consultant’s designated liaison with City is Xxxx Xxxx, P.E.
Liaison. Xxx Xxxxxxxx,, (000) 000-0000, is the Contract Administrator for the Department of Corrections. Contract Administrator, or designee, shall perform all administrative duties on Department’s behalf. Written notices and requests, or any issues not related to project management and coordination regarding this Contract should be directed to Department’s Contract Administrator. Xxxx Xxxxxxx, Chief of Staff,, or designee, (000) 000-0000, is the liaison for the Department of Justice. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Undersheriff,, (000) 000-0000, is the liaison for the County. Liaison or their successors or assigns, shall serve as liaisons for purposes of discussions with respect to this Agreement. Liaisons and Contract Administrator may be changed by written notice to the other party. Written notices, requests, or complaints must be directed to the Liaison and Contract Administrator. Notice may be provided by email, personal service, mail, or facsimile. If notice is provided by email, personal service, or facsimile, the notice is effective upon receipt; if notice is provided by mail, the notice is effective three (3) business days after date of mailing.