Stock Grant definition

Stock Grant means the grant of shares of Stock not subject to restrictions or other forfeiture conditions.
Stock Grant means Shares awarded under the Plan.
Stock Grant means a grant by the Company of Shares under the Plan.

Examples of Stock Grant in a sentence

  • Each Stock Grant to a Participant shall state the principal terms in an Agreement, duly executed by the Company and, to the extent required by law or requested by the Company, by the Participant.

  • Each Agreement shall provide that cash dividends declared or paid on Stock Grants that remain subject to time-based or performance- based vesting requirements shall not become payable unless and until the Stock Grant (or portion thereof) to which the dividends apply become vested and nonforfeitable.

  • In the event of a termination of service (whether as an Employee, Director or Consultant) with the Company or an Affiliate for any reason before the Participant has accepted a Stock Grant or a Stock-Based Award and paid the purchase price, if required, such grant shall terminate.

  • Stock Grant means a grant by the Company of Shares under the Plan.

  • Stock-Based Award means a grant by the Company under the Plan of an equity award or equity based award which is not an Option or Stock Grant.

More Definitions of Stock Grant

Stock Grant means the award of a certain number of Shares granted under Section 13 below.
Stock Grant means a grant of shares of Common Stock accompanied by such restrictions as may be determined by the Committee under Section 7 of this Plan.
Stock Grant means Shares that are awarded to a Grantee pursuant to Section 8 of the Plan.
Stock Grant means Company Stock awarded without restrictions in accordance with Section 9.
Stock Grant means a grant of unrestricted shares of Common Stock pursuant to Section 10.