Rescheduling Sample Clauses

Rescheduling. Lonza shall have the right to reschedule a Commencement Date of any Batch or Campaign upon reasonable prior written notice to Customer, provided that the rescheduled Commencement Date is no earlier or no later than [***] from the Commencement Date originally estimated at the time of Lonza’s acceptance of the binding purchase order, and further provided that Customer is able to provide the necessary Customer Materials. If the Customer requests to change the Commencement Date, Lonza will make all reasonable attempts to accommodate the request; provided, however, in the event that this change would impact other projects scheduled for occupancy in the designated suite or suites, manufacture of the Customer’s Batch or Campaign may be delayed until an adequate time period is available in the Facility schedule. Any such change requested by Customer may result in a rescheduling fee. Any delay requested by Customer of more than [***] shall be considered a cancellation pursuant to Section 6.5.
Rescheduling. If Buyer has been granted by Seller any rescheduling rights, such rights shall be as set forth in Exhibit A.
Rescheduling. If Client is unable to provide access to required facilities or personnel or is unable to meet its tasks assigned on a Project Plan in a timely manner, Fiserv will endeavor to reschedule tasks to minimize non-productive time. All such non-productive time is chargeable to Client. If such non-productive time is expected to be significant, Fiserv will endeavor to reassign its personnel to other suitable work. In this event, Client will not be charged for the time personnel were reassigned.
Rescheduling. Unless stated otherwise in the SO, if Customer cancels or reschedules an Engagement less than ten (10) days before it is scheduled to begin, it shall (a) for a T&M SO, pay Provider a cancellation fee equal to three (3) Days of Activities or forfeit three (3) Prepaid Days of Activities (as applicable) or (b) for a Fixed Price SO, pay Provider for three (3) Days at Provider’s then standard rate per Day. In addition, Customer shall reimburse Provider for any non-refundable travel expenses Provider incurs as a result of the cancellation or rescheduling. Customer agrees that, except for factors beyond its reasonable control or if the Services planned for an Engagement have been completed, it shall not cancel an Engagement once it has begun. If Customer cancels the Engagement under a T&M SO once it has begun, for reasons other than those stated in the preceding sentence, it shall pay Provider for the remaining Time in the Engagement or, if applicable, forfeit the applicable Prepaid Time.
Rescheduling. Progress and special meetings may be rescheduled if meeting times are convenient for all necessary parties, and Developer has given no less than five (5) calendar days prior written notice of the rescheduled meeting.
Rescheduling. DISTRIBUTOR may, once for each shipment ordered from iSecureTrac, reschedule shipments of all or any portion of any firm purchase order at any time without penalty or charge up to the Confirmed Delivery Date determined under Section 4.4. If DISTRIBUTOR reschedules any shipment, or part thereof, not yet paid for by DISTRIBUTOR to a date more than six (6) calendar months from the Confirmed Delivery Date ("Delayed Shipments"), iSecureTrac may treat such requested delay-in-shipment as a cancellation, subject to the penalty provisions of Section 4.7 above, upon written notice thereof to DISTRIBUTOR within five (5) business days after its receipt of notice of rescheduling by DISTRIBUTOR.
Rescheduling. For each Purchase Order Release, Conexant may reschedule delivery […***…] by delivering to Company a written notice rescheduling such delivery; provided that Conexant shall be responsible for payment for all completed Wafers in accordance with the original delivery schedule, and that such delays shall be subject to Section 5.2 (Storage) regarding storage of completed Wafers.