Public Transportation Sample Clauses

Public Transportation. Taxi or airport limousine services may be considered when traveling in and around cities or to and from airports when less expensive means of transportation are unavailable or impractical. The actual fare plus a reasonable tip (15-18%) are reimbursable. In the case of a free hotel shuttle to the airport, tips are included in the per diem rates and will not be reimbursed separately.
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Public Transportation. When an employee is required to report to a jobsite and it is more economical and/or convenient for the employee to use public transportation, the cost of public transportation shall be paid in advance or reimbursed to the employee. The use of public transportation shall be at the sole discretion of the employee.
Public Transportation. In all cases where there is no available public transportation and living accommodations are not within two (2) kilometres by a safe, normal transportation route to the Theatre’s rehearsal or performance venue, the Theatre shall furnish reasonable, safe transportation to those Artists who identify the need for transportation assistance with regards to any disabilities or concerns of personal safety.
Public Transportation. Where employees elect to use their personal vehicle in preference to public transportation, they shall receive an allowance of the flat amount of fare involved plus the amount meals would have cost when travelling by public transportation. Private vehicle insurance contracts are generally written on the basis of non-business driving. Employees are responsible to ensure that their insurance contract is suitably endorsed and/or rated before a privately owned vehicle is used on Company business.
Public Transportation. The City will, to the extent available, promote public transportation which exists within the City to service the Property.
Public Transportation. Parking - The City shall take such actions as may be necessary so that employee costs directly associated with their City employment for public transportation and/or parking in a City owned facility paid through payroll deduction will be structured in a manner whereby said costs are tax exempt, consistent with applicable IRS rules and regulations. Said actions shall be completed for implementation of this provision no later than January 1, 2003.
Public Transportation. Whenever the theatre or place of rehearsal is located more than one (1) mile from public transportation and there is no reasonable accommodation within a one (1) mile radius the Theatre agrees to provide or pay for the cost of transportation each way.
Public Transportation. The University shall establish a joint committee to explore opportunities for the development of a MTA Discount and Transportation Options/Alternative initiative. The purpose of this initiative will include the following:
Public Transportation. Describe: ____________________ ☐ - Parking. Describe: ____________________ ☐ - College Tuition. Describe: ____________________ ☐ - Mobile Phone. Describe: ____________________
Public Transportation. Should an Employee use the TTC or other public transportation in the performance of his/her job duties, the Employee shall be reimbursed for his/her tickets by the Employer.