Professional Services Contracts Sample Clauses

Professional Services Contracts. Consultant shall procure and maintain for the duration of its contract insurance against claims for injuries to persons or damages to property, which may arise from or in connection with the performance of the work hereunder by the consultant, his agents, representatives, employees or subcontractors. Minimum scope of coverage Coverage shall be at least as broad as:
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Professional Services Contracts. Except for the Management Agreement for each Facility or as permitted in an Operating Budget, enter into, or thereafter modify or amend, any contract or arrangement for routine and non-routine professional services to be rendered to the Company (including, without limitation, legal, accounting and consulting services) that is reasonably anticipated to obligate the Company to expend more than $30,000 in any Fiscal Year;
Professional Services Contracts. Professional services contracts designate full-time or part-time appointments which may carry teaching and/or academic support responsibilities in addition to other professional responsibilities. Those on professional services contracts are not eligible for senior faculty status. They may hold rank if they meet the qualifications for rank outlined in § 2.2. Professional services contracts are issued for a period of one year and carry no obligation or promise of continued employment. Written notification of non-reappointment of a professional services contract must be presented to the employee no fewer than sixty calendar days prior to the end of the contract term. Faculty on professional services contracts are governed by Section Two of the Faculty Contractual Agreement.
Professional Services Contracts a. Contracts should have the following: □ General Liability o Each Occurrence $1,000,000 o Aggregate $2,000,000 o Personal/Advertising Injury $1,000,000 □ Workers’ Compensation o Statutory Limits o Employers Liability ▪ $500,000 □ Professional Liability □ Errors/Omission $1,000,000. [Signatures begin on following page.] XXXXXX COUNTY By Title: Authorized Representative: Address for Notices: KLAMATH COUNTY By Title: Authorized Representative: Address for Notices: Date:
Professional Services Contracts. The Consultant shall have an Affirmative Action Plan on file with the Director of Supply Chain Services. The Consultant shall comply with the requirements of the City of Los Angeles and shall comply with the terms of the "Affirmative Action Plan" {three pages) affidavit. An Affirmative Action Plan shall be in effect and on file with the LADWP for the duration of the contract period.
Professional Services Contracts. Act. The Consultant will not discriminate against persons with disabilities nor against persons due to their relationship or association with a person with a disability. Any subcontract entered into by the Consultant, relating to this Agreement, to the extent allowed hereunder, xxxxx be subject to the provisions of this paragraph. PSC-22 Standard Provisions for Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Professional Service Contracts - Retention of Records, Audit, and Reports (revised October 16, 2007 Consultant shall maintain, and xxxxx cause Consultant's subconsuitants and suppliers as applicable to maintain all records pertaining to the management of this Agreement and, related subcontracts, and performance of services pursuant to this Agreement, in their original form, including but not limited to, reports, documents, deliverables, employee time sheets, accounting procedures and practices, records of financial transactions, and other evidence, regardless of form (e.g., machine readable media such as disk, tape, etc.) or type (e.g., databases, applications software, database management software, utilities, etc.), sufficient to properly reflect all costs claimed to have been incurred and services performed pursuant to this Agreement, if the Consultant, the Consultant's subconsultants and/or suppliers are required to submit cost or pricing data in connection with this Agreement, the Consultant must maintain all records and documents necessary to permit adequate evaluation ofthe cost or pricing data submitted, along with the computations and projections used. Ail records shall be retained, and shall be subject to examination and audit by LADWP personnel or by the LADWP's agents (herein after "Authorized Auditors"), for a period of not less than four years following final payment made by the LADWP hereunder or the expiration date of this Agreement, whichever is later. The Consultant shall make said records or to the extent accepted by the Authorized Auditors, photographs, micro-photographs, etc. or other authentic reproductions thereof, available to the Authorized Auditors at the Consultant's offices at all reasonable times and without charge. The Authorized Auditors will have the right to reproduce, photocopy, download, transcribe, and the like any such records. Any information provided by the Consultant on machine-readable media shall be provided in a format accessible and readable by the Authorized Auditors. The Consultant shaii not, however, be required ...
Professional Services Contracts. Professional Services Contracts, within the school district, will be recognized per Florida Statutes.
Professional Services Contracts a. Contracts should have the following: □ General Liability o Each Occurrence $1,000,000 o Aggregate $2,000,000 o Personal/Advertising Injury $1,000,000 □ Workers’ Compensation o Statutory Limits o Employers Liability  $500,000 □ Professional Liability □ Errors/Omission $1,000,000. [Signatures begin on following page.] TILLAMOOK COUNTY By Title: Authorized Representative: Address for Notices: KLAMATH COUNTY By Title: Board Vice-Chair Authorized Representative: Xxxxxxx XxXxxxx Address for Notices: 000 Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, XX 00000 Date:

Related to Professional Services Contracts

  • Professional Services Bodily injury" or "property damage" arising out of the rendering of or failure to render profes- sional services;

  • Transitional Services Agreement Seller shall have executed and delivered the Transitional Services Agreement.

  • Transitional Services Contractor shall provide Transitional Services to offenders who are being released from a prison, an assessment/sanction center, prerelease center, or treatment center for up to the first 90 days of community supervision after release. A Probation and Parole Officer (PO) will determine the specific services to be provided to each offender based on the offender’s needs and individualized case plan as determined or developed by the State. The referring PO will complete an agreed upon referral form designating the services selected. Contractor will confirm availability of services, establish a start date, and return the referral form to the PO and the designated State staff.

  • Transition Services Agreement Seller shall have executed and delivered the Transition Services Agreement.

  • Personal Services 1. Subject to the provisions of Articles 14, 16 and 17, salaries, wages and other similar remuneration or income derived by a resident of a Contracting State in respect of personal (including professional) services shall be taxable only in that State unless the services are rendered in the other Contracting State. If the services are so rendered, such remuneration or income as is derived therefrom may be taxed in that other State.

  • OVERSIGHT SERVICES Oversight services for the Fund provided by Price Associates shall include all oversight of BNY Mellon, Delegates and service providers that provide accounting, administrative, and tax support services and not specifically provided for under each Fund’s Investment Management Agreement. Exhibit B2 For Funds listed on Exhibit A2 (ETFs) Price Associates provides all accounting, administrative, tax and oversight services to the Funds listed on Exhibit A2, including the below. ACCOUNTING SERVICES Accounting Services provided by Price Associates shall include, among other things: · oversight of quality control, including processing results related to fund accounting services provided by Delegates or other third party service providers relating to pricing. Such oversight includes, but is not limited to, review of (a) NAV calculations and fund valuations, (b) securities pricing and resolution of pricing exceptions, and (c) calculation and preparation of any financial information or schedules; · end-of-day INAV oversight for ETFs that provide INAV · determining accounting and valuation policies, instructing Delegates and/or other service providers, and/or providing it with such advice that may be reasonably necessary, to properly account for all financial transactions and to maintain the Fund’s accounting procedures and records so as to ensure compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and tax practices and rules; and · calculating and authorizing expense accruals and payments; annual fund expense budgets; accrual analysis; rollforward calculations; payment of expenses; fees for payment to service providers; · facilitating on behalf of the Fund resolution and remediation of fund accounting issues escalated by Delegates and/or other service providers; · preparing daily NAV calculations, including all necessary component services such as valuation and particularly private company investment valuation, corporate actions processing, trade processing, and performing month-end and fiscal-period-end close processes; · recordkeeping as required; and · such other accounting services as agreed to by the parties not otherwise performed by Price Associates under the Investment Management Agreement. ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES Administrative Services provided by Price Associates shall include, among other things: · ensuring maintenance for the Fund of all records that may be reasonably required in connection with the audit performed by the Fund’s independent registered public accountants, or by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) or such other Federal or state regulatory agencies; · cooperating with the Fund’s independent registered public accountants and taking all reasonable action in the performance of its obligations under the Agreement to assure that the necessary information is made available to such accountants for the expression of their opinion without any qualification as to the scope of their examination including, but not limited to, their opinion included in the Fund’s annual report on Form N-CSR and annual amendment to Form N-1A; · implementing and maintaining the systems, data storage and reporting necessary to perform services outlined herein; · all efforts concerning financial reporting services, including shareholder reports and financial information in regulatory filings; N-PORT and N-CEN; and other financial reporting services as necessary; · determining financial reporting policies, maintaining adequate controls over financial reporting to provide complete and accurate financial information and disclosures that are certified by officers of the Funds. Providing sub-certifications, as requested by officers of the Funds, for the adequacy of such controls and the completeness and accuracy of information included in Form N-CSR or any other form that may require certification; · periodic testing of Internal Revenue Code qualification requirements; · prepare and furnish fund performance information; · prepare and disseminate vendor survey information; · prepare and file Rule 24f-2 notices and payment; and · such other administrative services as agreed to by the parties, not otherwise performed by Price Associates under the Investment Management Agreement.

  • Transactional Services The Service Provider shall communicate to its Customers, as to shares of the Fund, purchase, redemption and exchange orders reflecting the orders it receives from its Customers or from any brokers and banks for their Customers. The Service Provider shall also communicate to beneficial owners holding through it, and to any brokers or banks for beneficial owners holding through them, as to shares of the Fund, mergers, splits and other reorganization activities, and require any broker or bank to communicate such information to its Customers.

  • Technical Services Party B will provide technical services and training to Party A, taking advantage of Party B’s advanced network, website and multimedia technologies to improve Party A’s system integration. Such technical services shall include:

  • Services FASC agrees to provide to the Adviser the services indicated in Exhibit A to this Agreement (the “Services”).

  • The Services The HSP agrees to provide the Services on the terms and conditions of this PFA including all of its Appendices and schedules.

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