Contractual agreement definition

Contractual agreement means a written agreement entered into between an adult day services program and a participant that clearly describes the rights and responsibilities of the adult day services program and the participant, and other information required by rule.
Contractual agreement means an agreement or, mutatis mutandis, an arrangement within the framework of administrative or regulatory measures;
Contractual agreement means a written agreement between the program and the participant or legal representative.

Examples of Contractual agreement in a sentence

  • County shall review Provider Annual Cost Report before submission to the State and may modify certain aspects of the report as required by the State and Federal law, the State Cost Report Manual or the Contractual agreement.

  • The Contractual agreement may be amended as necessary to assure transition requirements are met during the term of this contract.

  • Commitment Contractual agreement between you and Fannie Maewhere Fannie Mae agrees to buy a Mortgage Loan at a future date in exchange for an MBS, or at a specific price for a Cash Mortgage Loan, and you agree to Deliver that Mortgage Loan.

  • Contractual agreement to any US, State, or local Government agency in support of operations involving safety of life or property as a result of a dis- aster.

  • Services shall be made as specified on the purchase order or reference the corresponding Contractual agreement governing the specifications and terms and conditions.

More Definitions of Contractual agreement

Contractual agreement means the contractual agreement entered into between the head of a household and the Municipality in terms of which the household is authorised to occupy a shack in an authorised informal settlement;
Contractual agreement means a written contract or letter signed by the legal representatives of the advanced nursing education program and the affiliating agency.
Contractual agreement means written agreement between the program and the participant or le- gal representative.
Contractual agreement means a formal and binding document expressing the terms of the Joint Use.
Contractual agreement means a written agreement