Personal Services definition

Personal Services means “the performance of any work or labor and shall also include acting as an independent contractor or providing any consulting advice or assistance, or otherwise acting as an agent pursuant to a contractual relationship.”
Personal Services means wages and salaries, fringe benefits, per diems, and contracted third-party services, and similar items.
Personal Services means salaries, wages and other compensation paid to full-time, part-

Examples of Personal Services in a sentence

  • Personal Services Employees shall not perform any other departmental duties or take the place of a Department Head (or Key) or any other position within the department.

  • On July 18, 2011 City and Consultant entered into a "City of Ashland Contract for Personal Services Less than $35,000" (further referred to in this addendum as "the agreement").

  • The Participating Agency’s client data shall be shared with all participating HMIS agencies that also have a signed Inter-Agency Data Sharing Agreement and an HMIS Personal Services Agreement on file with the HMIS Lead Agency (Shasta County).

  • PS and HM Services* 00 0 00 00 00 X X X X X X X X Private/Home School Support Services Private/Home School Support - Personal Services* 00 0 00 00 00 X X X X X X X X Respite Services Respite Service* 00 0 00 00 X X X X X X X X Residential Hospice- End of Life (EOL) Residential Hospice - EOL-Nursing Visiting* 72 5 40 95 11 X Residential Hospice - EOL-Combined PS and HM Services* 72 5 40 95 30 X Health Promotion and Education Health Prom.

  • PS and HM Services 72 5 35 40 30 S 453*, 454*, 455* Total Cost for Functional Centre *$1,344,107 N/A *$1,344,107 N/A *TBD N/A COM Private/Home School Support Services COM Private/Home School Support - Personal Services 72 5 35 42 10 S 453*, 455* Hours of Care In-House & Contracted Out S.

More Definitions of Personal Services

Personal Services means salaries, wages and other compensation paid to full-time, part-time and temporary employees of the spending unit but shall not include fees or contractual payments paid to consultants or to independent contractors engaged by the spending unit. “Personal services” shall include “annual increment” for “eligible employees” and shall be disbursed only in accordance with Article 5, Chapter 5 of the Code.
Personal Services refers to the phrasepersonal service and/or the maintenance of shareholder accounts” as referenced in FINRA Conduct Rule 2830(b)(9) and having the same meaning given to it in NASD Notices to Members 90-56, 92-41 and 93-12.
Personal Services means any services performed for a fee, commission or other compensation by persons or organizations that are not providing such services as Authority employees or officers or employees of any state agency or public corporation. Personal services include, but are not limited to, legal, accounting, management consulting, investment banking, planning, training, statistical research, public relations, architectural, engineering, surveying or any other services of a consulting, technical or professional nature.
Personal Services means professional or technical expertise provided by a consultant to accomplish a specific study, project, task, or other work statement, pursuant to chapter 39.29 RCW.
Personal Services means the services of a person or persons that are designated by a state contracting agency with procurement authority under ORS 279A.050 or a local contracting agency as personal services. “Personal services” includes architectural, engineering, photogrammetric mapping, transportation planning or land surveying services procured under ORS 279C.105 or 279C.110 and related services procured under ORS 279C.120.
Personal Services means salaries, wages and other
Personal Services means a location licensed under