Physicians Sample Clauses

Physicians. Medical Practice shall retain, as a Medical Practice Expense, the number of radiation oncologists and other Physicians sufficient in the discretion of Manager that are necessary and appropriate for the provision of Medical Services, each of whom shall be bound by and subject to applicable provisions of this Agreement. Each Physician shall hold and maintain a valid and unrestricted license to practice medicine in the State of Michigan and shall be competent in the practice of medicine and shall be Board Certified or Board eligible in his/her specialty. Medical Practice shall enter into and maintain with each radiation oncologist who is not at least a 10% shareholder of Medical Practice, a written employment or independent contractor agreement. Medical Practice shall be responsible for paying the compensation for all Physicians and any other physician personnel or other contracted or affiliated physicians, and for withholding, as required by law, any sums for income tax, unemployment insurance, social security, or any other withholding required by applicable law. Manager shall, on behalf of Medical Practice, establish and administer the compensation with respect to such individuals and enter on behalf of Medical Practice into a written agreement between Medical Practice and each Physician. Manager shall neither control nor direct any Physician in the performance of Medical Services for patients.
Physicians. Part 4.18 of the Disclosure Schedule lists all physicians or groups of physicians admitting patients to the Company's dialysis facilities indicating the number of Registered Patients admitted by each such physician or group of physicians. The Company makes no representation or warranty as to which, if any, physicians listed on Part 4.18 of the Disclosure Schedule will continue to admit or keep patients at the Company's dialysis facilities subsequent to the date hereof.
Physicians. Except as set forth on Schedule 4.14, none of the physicians who utilize the Facility (collectively, the “Physicians”) have threatened to discontinue or to terminate his or her relationship with Clearview and the provision of services at the Facility. To the knowledge of any Selling Party, none of the Physicians have expressed plans to retire from the practice of medicine in the next five (5) years or to be involved in the development or operations of another ambulatory surgery center. During the three (3) years preceding the Closing Date, each of the Physicians:
Physicians equipment (e.g., infusion pumps, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, etc.);
Physicians. Each Physician will: (i) be duly licensed and otherwise authorized to render Radiation Oncology Services, (ii) be duly licensed to practice medicine in the State of California and shall maintain such licenses in good standing, (iii) have, and will maintain in good standing, unrestricted federal and state registrations authorizing them to prescribe controlled substances in the State of California, as appropriate, and (iv) be board certified or board eligible in radiation oncology, and shall maintain such certifications in good standing.
Physicians. The Practice shall notify MidSouth, upon execution ---------- of this Agreement, of the identities of the Physician Employees and their respective areas of practice. A list of the Physician Employees and the practice are shall be attached hereto as Schedule 4.1. The Practice shall enter into physician employment agreements with all Physician Employees. Any new employment agreements shall be reviewed prior to execution, and MidSouth shall promptly be provided with copies of the executed employment agreements and any revisions or amendments thereto. All Physician Employees shall be licensed in all states in which the Physician Employee practices.
Physicians. The Services of the P.C. shall be coordinated by Dr. ---------- Andrew Queler, who is hereby appointed by the Company to serve as the Medical Director of the Facility throughout the term of this Agreement, unless the P.C. shall designate some other qualified physician to assume the duties of Medical Director. Any candidate recommended or designated by the P.C. to serve as Medical Director will be subject to the approval of Company which approval will not be unreasonably withheld. The Medical Director may hereinafter also be referred to as the "Physician."
Physicians. Flagship shall have offered to enter into Employment ----------- Agreements with each of the Stockholders in the form attached hereto as Exhibit B.
Physicians. Schedule 2.19 attached hereto sets forth a list of each physician (the “Scheduled Physicians”) who has or had a financial relationship (including without limitation, professional reading, medical director, supervision, shared ancillary, and block lease arrangement) with any Seller Company or the Imaging Centers within the twenty four (24) calendar months immediately prior to Closing. The aggregate compensation, if any, paid to any physician set forth on Schedule 2.19 attached hereto is consistent with fair market value in arm’s length transactions and the services contracted for do not exceed that which are reasonably necessary to accomplish the commercially reasonable business purpose of the services. True, accurate and complete copies of any agreements with the Scheduled Physicians have been provided to Purchaser. Seller Companies have properly disclosed to and obtained approval from CMS for each physician who performs professional interpretations on behalf of Seller Companies and any Imaging Center and for whom Seller Companies bill (the “Reading Physicians”) and has caused each of the Reading Physicians to properly execute and file or cause to be filed with the appropriate carrier or other Authority a Medicare 855-R reassignment permitting Seller Companies to bill on behalf of such physician or otherwise comply with the Medicare purchase diagnostic interpretation rules. Each Seller Company has properly disclosed to and obtained approval from CMS for each physician who supervises the provision of any diagnostic test at an Imaging Center (the “Supervising Physicians”, and, together with the Reading Physicians and Scheduled Physicians, the “Physicians”), and each Supervising Physician has properly executed a true, accurate and complete Attachment 2 to the CMS 855-B application, which has been filed with the appropriate carrier or other Authority. To Parent’s and/or Seller Companies’ knowledge, no Physician has threatened to discontinue or to terminate his or her relationship with any Seller Company or otherwise not to read for any Seller Company. To Parent’s and/or Seller Companies’ knowledge, none of the Physicians has expressed plans to retire from the practice of medicine in the next five (5) years.