Personal illness definition

Personal illness or “sick days” accumulated in the last Indiana school district in which the teacher taught shall be transferable to CCS at the rate of three (3) days per school year of service with CCS beginning with the second school year of employment.
Personal illness means the personal illness or off-the-job injury of the member rendering the member reasonably unable to suitably discharge the member’s duties. All provisions applicable to personal illness shall also apply to pregnancy. Personal illness leave is to be used for medical or dental appointments. Personal illness leave is to be used for the member, the member's family, or anyone for whom the member is the primary care giver. In cases of on-the-job injury see Article 7.B.
Personal illness as used in this agreement means the illness of the teacher.

Examples of Personal illness in a sentence

  • Paraprofessionals may, under conditions specified herein, be granted leaves of absence without pay for the following purposes: Personal illness, disability from performing work, military and study.

  • Sick leave shall include absence for: • Personal illness or injury • Pregnancy and/or childbirth and any related medical condition • Serious illness or death in the immediate family.

More Definitions of Personal illness

Personal illness shall include the illness of a child, parent, or spouse. Routine local health and dental examination of the bargaining unit employee which can be scheduled in advance shall not be deemed a “personal illness.” Sick leave may be extended with the permission of the Superintendent of Schools for prolonged illness, but without pay. Sick leave shall be cumulative up to 180 days.
Personal illness. Family Illness” days shall be included.
Personal illness or injury” shall include personal illness or injury of the teacher and illness of a teacher’s family member. “Family member” is defined as set forth in the Oregon Family Leave Act.
Personal illness means temporary incapacity to work resulting from sickness or injury. It does not include absence for routine health examinations, routine dental appointments, or absence for cosmetic or elective surgery or other health-related procedures which might appropriately be covered during non-working hours or during vacation periods.
Personal illness means illness or injury of a Pilot or illness or injury arising out of or in the course of employment, which is, compensable under workers' compensation arrangements.
Personal illness. Before return to active service, you will undergo another drug (alcohol) test, must pass that test, and be released to return to active duty by the MRO and/or TWA SHS in accordance with applicable governmental regulations. In addition, you must comply with the following requirements after completing the program:
Personal illness is defined as an infection that may, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, endanger others, or a medical condition, which prevents the employee from performing his or her job functions. Sick leave may be used for the illness/injury or for medical appointments which cannot be scheduled outside work hours of a son, daughter, grandchild, parent, grandparent, step child, xxxxxx child, spouse or significant other (“significant other” living within the employees’ household), up to fifteen (15) instances per year (an instance will be each day or timeframe that is taken off). Sick time must be taken in one-fourth (1/4) hour increments with a minimum of one-half (1/2) hour.