Unemployment Insurance Sample Clauses

Unemployment Insurance. The Employer agrees to provide, through the services of the Michigan Employment Security Commission, unemployment insurance coverage for all employees under this Agreement.
Unemployment Insurance. The District shall pay the cost of this item, if mandated by law during the duration of this contract.
Unemployment Insurance. The Employer agrees that all employees covered under this agreement shall be covered by unemployment insurance as provided by Sections 39-51-101, et seq., MCA.
Unemployment Insurance. The Company shall be duly registered with the Department of Workforce Services and obtain such unemployment insurance coverage as required. The Company shall supply the Agency with a Certificate of Good Standing or other proof of unemployment insurance coverage.
Unemployment Insurance. Unemployment Insurance shall be carried by the Employer as required by Michigan law.
Unemployment Insurance. ‌ All employees covered by this agreement are covered by unemployment insurance as provided in Mont. Code Ann. § 39-71-101, et seq.