Social Security Sample Clauses

Social Security. The Executive’s compensation is subject to the mandatory Swiss social security contributions. The Executive’s contributions to both the Swiss Old-Age, Survivors and Disability insurance (AHV/IV/EO) and to the unemployment insurance (ALV) is based on any form of compensation and will be deducted from salary and other payments. The Company’s contributions are paid directly to the administration.
Social Security. In the event the City and its employees are required to participate in the Federal Social Security Program, the contributions designated by law to be the responsibility of the employee shall be paid in full by the employee and the City shall not be obligated to pay or "pick up" any portion thereof.
Social Security. (1) The Energy Community and the officials of the Secretariat shall be exempt from all compulsory contributions to any social security scheme of the Republic of Austria.
Social Security. From the date on which the Court establishes a social security scheme, the persons referred to in articles 15, 16 and 17 shall, with respect to services rendered for the Court, be exempt from all compulsory contributions to national social security schemes.
Social Security. All classified workers are covered under Federal Social Security (FICA, which includes Medicare (MQFE)). Both the worker and the District contribute according to rates prescribed by law. ARTICLE 17A