Payment Processing Sample Clauses

Payment Processing. Citizens may require any other information from Vendor that Citizens deems necessary to verify any compensation request placed under this Agreement and Vendor agrees that it will provide such information as reasonably requested by Citizens. Payment shall be due net thirty (30) calendar days of Citizens’ actual receipt of a complete and undisputed invoice. Where a submitted invoice is incomplete, such as not containing the information described in this Section, Citizens will return the incomplete invoice to Vendor for correction within thirty (30) calendar days of Citizens’ actual receipt of such invoice. Where Citizens reasonably disputes any part of a complete invoice, such as the amount of the compensation request, Citizens shall pay any undisputed portion of the invoiced amount within (30) calendar days of Citizens’ actual receipt of the complete invoice and will describe the basis for the disputed portion of the invoiced amount. Where Vendor disagrees with Citizens dispute of any invoice, the Parties shall seek to resolve the dispute in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Process further described in this Agreement. In no case shall Citizens be subject to late payment interest charges where Vendor has submitted an incomplete invoice or where Citizens has reasonably disputed an invoice. Where Vendor fails to submit an invoice within twelve (12) calendar months of the Services for which compensation is being requested, Vendor acknowledges and agrees that any payment due for such Services is forfeited by Vendor for its failure to timely submit an invoice.
Payment Processing. The Contractor shall submit invoices and requests for payment in a form acceptable to the Town. Invoices shall not be submitted more often than once each month unless otherwise approved by this Agreement or in writing by the Town in accordance with the amendment requirements of this Agreement. Unless otherwise directed or accepted by the Town, all invoices shall contain sufficient information to account for all appropriate measure(s) of Contractor work effort (e.g., task completion, work product delivery, or time) and all authorized reimbursable expenses for the Services during the stated period of the invoice. Following receipt of a Contractor’s invoice, the Town shall promptly review the Contractor’s invoice. All Town payments for Services rendered pursuant to this Agreement shall be issued in the business name of Contractor only, and in no event shall any such payments be issued to an individual. In no event shall any Town payments to Contractor be in the form of or based upon a salary or an hourly wage rate.
Payment Processing. Microsoft will pay you the Product Proceeds in accordance with Microsoft's then-current payment policies and in the manner you indicated during the Partner Center Account setup. Microsoft is not responsible for delay or misapplication of payment because of incorrect or incomplete information supplied by you or a bank or for failure of a bank to credit your account. If you are outside of the United States of America, Microsoft may remit payment to you in the local currency of your address for payment, using Microsoft's then current rates for converting USD into or from your local currency. The amount you actually receive will depend in part on the rates and fees imposed by your financial institution and on any applicable tax withholding requirements, and the amount you receive will be inclusive of any sales, use, goods and services, value-added or similar taxes that may be chargeable by you to Microsoft. You must provide Microsoft (or its third-party payment processor) with all financial, tax and banking information requested so Microsoft can pay you under this Agreement. Microsoft will notify you of any changes to the required information via updates to the Documentation. Your failure to keep such information current and accurate may result in Microsoft's removal of your Product from the Store and forfeiture of amounts owed to you under this Agreement. A Customer will be deemed to have paid in full for your Product when Microsoft receives payment from the Customer, and any failure by Microsoft to remit the amounts owing to you will not affect a Customer's rights to the Product.
Payment Processing. The Community Service Fee payments to be made pursuant to the Enterprise Zone Agreement to which this Agreement is attached will be made directly to the recipients according to the terms set out in paragraph 8 of this Agreement. The Sponsors will contract with an appropriate agency to assist the parties to this Agreement by keeping a spreadsheet of the payments made pursuant to the terms of this agreement, and it will update the numbers annually. Additionally, this Agent will invoice Jordan Cove, providing any necessary reminders, and update the contact list for the recipients annually. This Agent shall be the CCD Business Development Corporation. It will provide the services pursuant to the terms of the Agreement attached to the Enterprise Zone Agreement.
Payment Processing. Allow 3-5 business days to process most payments. Xxxx payments are transmitted Monday through Friday at 9:00 P.M. EST. If a payment is initiated after this time or on a day that is not a business day, the payment will be processed on the next business day.
Payment Processing. We may, at our discretion, remit payments initiated by you by mailing your Payee a check drawn on your Account, by electronic funds transfer, or by other means. If we elect to remit a payment by check, you authorize us to execute checks drawn on your Account for the purpose of making payments to your Payees initiated through the Xxxx Payment Service notwithstanding any resolution, signature card, or other document filed with us that purports to limit authority over any of your Accounts, whether currently on file or submitted or modified in the future.
Payment Processing. Payment processing related to Content and Services and/or physical goods purchased on Services is performed by either the Company directly or by the Company’s affiliates on behalf of the Company depending on the type of payment method used. In any case, delivery of Content and Services as well as physical goods is performed by the Company.