Contract Documentation definition

Contract Documentation means (i) the acceptance of a Tender by the Council in whole or in part and comprises the Tender as so accepted and the acceptance in writing by the Council, and any executed contract thereafter; (ii) these Terms and Conditions,(iii) any Specification, Drawings, Schedule(s); (iv) any special terms agreed to in writing by the Council; and (v) any Orders placed by the Council for the procurement of any Works, Goods, or Services following any Council quotation; (vi) any Key Performance Indicators or Service Level Agreements required by the Council; and (vii) any other documents produced supplied or referred to by the Council as part of the Contract.
Contract Documentation means all documents which form part of, constitute or evidence the Contract, including these Conditions and any quotations, offers, Orders, acknowledgements of order, acceptances and specifications of the Purchaser or Seller and any documents referred to in any of them.
Contract Documentation means (i) this Agreement including any and all Exhibits, (ii) the District’s Request for Proposal (RFP) dated [Date] and associated bid bulletins and

Examples of Contract Documentation in a sentence

  • Shall include, but not be limited to, interactive panels, flat panels, sound systems, document cameras, cabling, miscellaneous items, and materials necessary for a fully functioning solution to achieve the requirements contained in the Contract Documentation.

  • The System(s) proposed shall be defined to be finally accepted by the District after meeting all requirements of this Agreement and the other Contract Documentation.

  • Therefore, the Contractor warrants that the System(s) is fit for the purposes for which it is intended as described in the Contract Documentation.

  • The Contractor has had an opportunity to review each Site and acknowledges that it has no concerns with its proposed design that would prohibit the Contractor from guaranteeing the installation and operation of the System(s) as contemplated in the Contract Documentation.

  • In consideration of the payment of the Purchase Price, it is agreed and understood that the Contractor shall be obligated to provide the Systems(s) and Services, in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein and in the Contract Documentation.

More Definitions of Contract Documentation

Contract Documentation means all documentation in computer readable or written forms brought into (or required to be brought into) existence as part of, or for the purpose of, performing the Contractor's Activities (whether before or after the date of this Contract) including:
Contract Documentation means the Quotation, the Specification and these Conditions;
Contract Documentation means documents signed by the Client and the Building Contractor for purposes of the execution of the Works.
Contract Documentation means the contract administration or contract management documentation contained in each contract file maintained by the ROOT Agency on behalf of the Agencies.
Contract Documentation means any drawing, diagram, calculation, designs, bills of quantities, specifications, data sheets, schedules and other pertinent documents relating to the Contract issued by or through the BMH.
Contract Documentation has the definition set forth in Article 11, Section 3.
Contract Documentation means the applicable Contract (Purchase Agreement or Contract for Work), including its proposal, i.e. the Order, concluded Contract and these Conditions;