Forecasts and Purchase Orders Sample Clauses

Forecasts and Purchase Orders. 7.1 SAGENT has supplied WORLDGEN with an initial non-binding forecast showing SAGENT’s estimated monthly requirements for Product for the twelve-month (12-months) period commencing on the anticipated Commercial Launch Date. Promptly following the Commercial Launch Date and thereafter on the first day of the first month during each calendar quarter during the term hereof, SAGENT shall deliver to WORLDGEN an updated forecast for the twelve-month (12-month) period commencing on the first day of the immediately following calendar quarter for Product. It is understood that SAGENT before signing a supply agreement with a group purchasing organization will check with WORLDGEN as to the capacity of DOBFAR to produce such quantities in the time frame required. In addition, SAGENT shall notify WORLDGEN in writing as soon as practicable after it enters into any written agreement with a group purchasing organization with respect to the sale of the Product in the Territory. SAGENT shall place purchase orders for at least the quantity of such Product specified in the first three (3) months of each forecast and the remaining nine (9) months shall be a good faith estimate; provided, however, that with respect to forecasts given by SAGENT to WORLDGEN prior to the Approval Date SAGENT will have no firm obligation to purchase Product prior to the Launch Date. Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, DOBFAR shall guarantee manufacturing capacity and the ability to supply SAGENT [***] Indicates that text has been omitted which is the subject of a confidential treatment request. This text has been separately filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission [***] of SAGENT’s annual forecasted quantity, and provided that SAGENT has complied with all provisions of this Section 7.1, in the event DOBFAR fails to supply such quantities, and SAGENT is required to pay inability payments to any customer of SAGENT’s, then DOBFAR shall reimburse SAGENT for all such inability payments. In the event that SAGENT’s requests for quantities of Product exceed the quantities provided for in the forecasts that have been submitted, DOBFAR shall use reasonable commercial efforts to supply such an increase in quantity.
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Forecasts and Purchase Orders. (a) Following Regulatory Approval of one of the Initial Products during the term of this Agreement, Reliant shall provide to ASL no later than the first day of the first month of each calendar quarter a non-binding good faith estimate (“Quarterly Forecast”) by quarter of Reliant’s requirements for the Active Ingredient for the calendar quarter and the succeeding three (3) calendar quarters. Reliant will be obligated to purchase 75% of the quantities of API forecasted for the first two (2) succeeding calendar quarters of each Quarterly Forecast. Within (30) days of Regulatory Approval, Reliant shall provide an initial forecast (“Initial Forecast”) for the four calendar quarters following Regulatory Approval.
Forecasts and Purchase Orders. 3.2.1 Within [***] after the Effective Date, Seres shall provide to GenIbet a non-binding [***] forecast of its estimated requests for each Product and update it within [***] after each calendar [***] (beginning on [***], so that GenIbet shall [***] rolling forecast as to the needs of Seres). Following receipt of each forecast, and without limiting its obligations to supply the Product in accordance with this Agreement, GenIbet shall promptly provide Seres [***] GenIbet’s ability to provide the Product in accordance with such forecast.
Forecasts and Purchase Orders. (a) During the term of this Agreement, Ethicon shall provide to Genetronics; no later than the first day of each month a non-binding rolling 12 month forecast reflecting Ethicon's monthly requirements for Product(s) for that period. The forecast will be assumed to be mutually agreeable unless Genetronics notifies Ethicon within 10 business days of receipt of said forecast in which case the parties agree to discuss an acceptable alternate forecast. In addition, Ethicon shall provide an initial guidance forecast ("Initial Forecast") 60 days prior to the estimated date of First Commercial Sale of each new Product. Such forecast shall be updated prior to such estimated date of First Commercial Sale.
Forecasts and Purchase Orders. 3.2.1 Customer shall, prior to the first filing for Regulatory Approval in any country of the Recro Territory deliver to Supplier a non-binding estimate of its initial requirements for API (“Initial Quantities”). Customer may deliver to Supplier a binding Purchase Order for such Initial Quantities, which quantities Supplier shall, subject to Section 3.2.6, deliver to Customer within ninety (90) days of the Purchase Order date; and
Forecasts and Purchase Orders. 7.1 Customer shall issue to Contractor, on a monthly basis, a six (6) month rolling forecast setting forth projected demand for the Products (the “Forecast”). Contractor shall use all reasonable commercial efforts, including expediting materials and allocating capacity, in order to support Customer’s request for increased production.
Forecasts and Purchase Orders. (a) Beginning on the date hereof and hereafter on or prior to the fifth day preceding each calendar month of the Term, Manufacturer shall provide Sharp with a twelve (12) month rolling forecast (each, a "Forecast") of Manufacturer's quantity and delivery date requirements for the Packaged Products.
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Forecasts and Purchase Orders. (a) On or before December 1st, 2011, Company will submit to Alpex a non-binding forecast of its anticipated needs for Finished Product for the following twelve (12) month period (the “Forecast”). Company will update the Forecast every three (3) months thereafter with a rolling twelve (12) month forecast. The first four (4) months of each Forecast will serve as a binding obligation to order quantities of Finished Product as stated therein, and will be deemed a Purchase Order (defined below) for purposes of this Agreement. The remaining months of each Forecast will be non-binding estimates of requirements for such period. The Company will commit to quantities of API required to meet the first six (6) months of each Forecast (provided that if Company’s actual orders are lower than forecasted, Alpex will use any excess API obtained by Alpex for future periods and will adjust its future purchases of API accordingly).
Forecasts and Purchase Orders. GSK shall issue forecasts and firm purchase orders for its requirements of QS-21 as follows:
Forecasts and Purchase Orders. (a) Within thirty (30) days after the Effective Date, Buyer will provide Seller with a written, non-binding Forecast estimating the Products Buyer will purchase during the period of twelve (12) consecutive calendar months commencing on the Effective Date. Buyer will update such Forecast monthly in order to provide Seller with a twelve month rolling view of prospective purchases by Buyer. The Forecasts shall not be binding and only are intended to give the Parties an estimate of future purchases for planning purposes.
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