Deadline Sample Clauses

Deadline. The deadline for approval of any proposal is thirty calendar days from when votes were first solicited.
Deadline. This Contract and its corresponding Housing Deposit must be completed and received by the required due date specified on Page 1 of this Contract. Any application received or postmarked after this date will be placed on the Wait List and handled on a first-come, first-served basis.
Deadline. Upon acceptance of the order, the agreed deadline becomes contractually binding. The burden of correct and timely delivery is borne by the Contractor.
Deadline. 9.1 This present AGREEMENT shall become effective as from its execution date, and shall expire by operation of law on 12/31/2006, or on the date CONTRACTORS shall have fulfilled all their obligations stemming or arising herefrom, with due regard to the survival of clauses expressly provided for herein.
Deadline. After taking into account the factors outlined above in this subsection 2(b), that the Work will be properly completed in compliance with City Standards by the deadline (the “Deadline”) specified on Exhibit “A.”
Deadline. The date for completion of the teacher’s Final Performance Evaluation shall be May
Deadline. The Parties agree that, for the purposes of the Operation set forth herein, the deadline for verification and performance of the Suspensive Conditions shall take place after the period of twelve (12) months counted as from the Signature Date (the “Deadline”), provided that the Deadline may be extended for an additional period of six (6) months after the first (1st) anniversary of the Signature Date, upon request of any of the Parties, provided that the requesting party is compliant with the obligations set forth in this Agreement. The non-requesting Party shall accept the extension for the additional period in the event of the performance of the obligations set forth in this Agreement. In the event that, through the Deadline, the Closing has not taken place by virtue of the non-verification of the Suspensive Conditions (and provided that the Suspensive Conditions that have not been verified have not been waived, as set forth herein), the Easynvest Companies and the Easynvest Shareholders, on one side, and always jointly, and the Investor, Nu Holdings and the Guarantor, on the other side, and always jointly, may submit a simple notice to the other Party(ies) and terminate this Agreement, not subject to any other charge or fine, in conformity with the provisions set forth in article 129 of the Civil Code, provided that, in addition, the right to terminate this Agreement, in conformity with the provisions set forth in this Clause 5.6, shall not be entitled to the Party(ies) which violation of any declaration, guarantee or agreement in connection with this Agreement has caused the non-performance of the Closing through the Deadline.
Deadline. C. The arbitrator shall also have the power to determine the existence or validity of a contract of which the arbitration clause contained in the Agreement, Rider W, or these Rules forms a part. Such an arbitration clause shall be treated as an agreement independent of the other terms of the contract. A decision by the arbitrator that the contract is null and void shall not for that reason alone render invalid the arbitration clause.
Deadline. 1) The funding of the SEF is contingent on the FWC Qualified Settlement Fund (Section 1, above) becoming a Final Settlement Agreement, which occurs 30 days after fulfillment of two conditions precedent pursuant to the terms of the FWC Qualified Settlement Fund. If these conditions precedent are not satisfied and the SEF is not established, this Agreement and any stipulation pursuant thereto shall be declared null and void.