Deadline Sample Clauses

Deadline. On-time submission requires that electronic applications be error-free and made available to SAMHSA for processing from the NIH eRA system on or before the application due date and time. Applications must be submitted to and validated successfully by and eRA Commons no later than 11:59 PM Eastern Time on the application due date. Applications submitted in after the application due date will not be considered for review. You are strongly encouraged to allocate additional time prior to the submission deadline to submit your application and to correct errors identified in the validation process. You are also encouraged to check the status of your application submission to determine if the application is complete and error-free.
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Deadline. This Contract and its corresponding Housing Deposit must be completed and received by the required due date specified on Page 1 of this Contract. Any application received or postmarked after this date will be placed on the Wait List and handled on a first-come, first-served basis.
Deadline. The deadline for approval of any proposal is thirty calendar days from when votes were first solicited.
Deadline. A warranty case is to be reported within 10 weeks after becoming aware of the circumstances which constitute a warranty case. The timely receipt of the report by SUNTECH POWER shall be decisive. The deadline is met, if the report is received by SUNTECH POWER via fax or email in advance.
Deadline. If you fail to complete the on-line Accommodation application prior to the advertised deadline, this means that we are not required to provide you with Accommodation and there is no guarantee that any Accommodation (whether your indicated preference or of any other type) will be left that we may be able to offer to you.
Deadline. Upon acceptance of the order, the agreed deadline becomes contractually binding. The burden of correct and timely delivery is borne by the Contractor.
Deadline. 9.1 This present AGREEMENT shall become effective as from its execution date, and shall expire by operation of law on 12/31/2006, or on the date CONTRACTORS shall have fulfilled all their obligations stemming or arising herefrom, with due regard to the survival of clauses expressly provided for herein.
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Deadline. To avoid a $50 late fee, applications must be received by Graduate Division at least ten (10) business days prior to the Registration Fee deadline. Personal Data Student Name (Last, First): Student PID:
Deadline. The reports shall be received in the FEDLINK Contracts Office within forty-five (45) calendar days after the end of the particular reporting fiscal year quarter.
Deadline. By March 15, the Division/Department/Unit Chair shall develop the roster for the Division/Department/Unit.
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