User Documentation Sample Clauses

User Documentation. Bank shall require its Customers to maintain as confidential any User Documentation that is distributed or disclosed to such Customers for use in connection with the PayMode Services.
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User Documentation. Documentation will be provided for AS Maintenance Updates which will enable the Owner to train its personnel in the operation of the AS Software as modified by such releases.
User Documentation. Licensee may print, reproduce, and distribute as many copies of the electronic version of the User Documentation as it reasonably requires in support of its use of the Software. Licensee may not reproduce the printed versions of the User Documentation it obtains from InVizion. If Licensee wishes to obtain additional printed copies of the User Documentation in addition to the standard number provided by InVizion, Licensee may order additional copies of the User Documentation at InVizion’s published rates. Licensee may not modify, customize, reproduce, distribute, or adapt any portion of the User Documentation, except as authorized herein or expressly authorized by InVizion in writing.
User Documentation. AppliedTheory shall, no later than sixty (60) calendar days after final delivery and NYSERNet's acceptance of the New AJB Software, provide NYSERNet five (5) copies of "Documentation" describing in reasonable detail understandable by an operator of general proficiency the use and operation of the New AJB Software. The Documentation shall be supplied in magnetic and printed form and may be reproduced by NYSERNet for purposes authorized herein.
User Documentation. Purchaser will not disclose or distribute any documentation provided by Evergreen except User Documentation provided for that purpose. User Documentation may be provided in hard copy form or on electronic media from which Purchaser may make additional copies except as expressly prohibited by Evergreen in writing. Purchaser shall not modify the User Documentation without the prior written consent of Evergreen.
User Documentation. All Company Products perform in all material respects in accordance with the design specifications to which such Company Products were developed at the time of sale, and there are no errors in the user documentation associated with any such Company Products that materially adversely affect or may reasonably expected to materially adversely affect the functionality or fitness for the intended purpose of such Company Product. All services performed by or on behalf of the Company for any other Person, including all installation services, integration services, development services, repair services, maintenance services, support services, training services and upgrade services, have been performed in a good and workmanlike manner and in material conformance with the applicable Contract and applicable Laws.
User Documentation. As used herein, the software in item (I) above will be referred to as the "DLL Object Code", the software in items (II) and (III) above collectively will be referred to as "Demonstration Source Code", and the DLL Object Code and the Demonstration Source Code will be referred to as the "Licensed Software."
User Documentation. Donegal Mutual will provide Southern Mutual with such access to User Documentation in Donegal Mutual’s possession or control relating to the Applications as is necessary to permit use of the Applications by Southern Mutual as described in this Agreement.
User Documentation. ETS shall provide to Licensee, one(1) copy of the User Documentation on computer readablemedia. Licensee’s rights in and to the User Documentation are limited to reproducing the User Documentation solely for the purposes of any Use of the Licensed Software by Licensee. ETS is not obligated to provide any support, maintenance, bug fixes, upgrades, enhancements or modifications under this Agreement. Licensee however, may contact ETS with comments and suggestions regarding the Licensed Software.
User Documentation. IEA shall provide to Licensee, one (1) copy of the User Documentation on computer readable media. Licensee’s rights in and to the User Documentation are limited to reproducing the User Documentation solely for the purposes of any Use of the Licensed Software by Licensee.