Openings Sample Clauses

Openings. Openings for dispatched HCA positions shall be filled on the level of demonstrable skills as required for the position. In filling open dispatched HCA positions among competing, equally qualified candidates, seniority shall apply. Dispatched HCA positions shall be opened and filled at the sole discretion of the Employer.
Openings. In filling available openings in a job classification, employees in the following groups shall be com- bined and preference shall be given to the most sen- ior qualified employee where ability, skill and effi- ciency are substantially equal:
Openings. All cafeteria openings will be made available to those cafeteria employees in the Westwood Public Schools, if qualified, and finally to outside applicants. All vacancies shall be posted for seven days each school. Westwood Public Schools shall endeavor to fill vacant/open positions within 30 days of the initial posting The selection of employees for openings will be based on evaluations. All in-house applicants shall be notified in. writing as to whether or not they were awarded the vacant position within 30 days. All new employees will be required to complete a six month trial period. Employees must complete three months of service in order to be eligible to receive holidays, personal or sick leave.
Openings. LSF will advise and assist Fuddruckers in opening and operating each Grill, including attendance at each of the first three Grill openings. LSF representatives will assist Fuddruckers in coordinating the pre-opening activities for each Grill and will be available to assist with its operations for up to five (5) days during the opening week or as reasonably requested by Fuddruckers. Fuddruckers agrees to reimburse LSF or Holding promptly following invoice for all of their reasonable travel, lodging and other costs incurred in connection with living expenses in providing this in-store training and assistance for each Grill opening. Fuddruckers will carry out an advertising program designed for the opening of each Grill, as mutually agreed upon between Fuddruckers and LSF.
Openings. Turning to Indigenous practices, we see the importance of beginning our gatherings in a good way by identifying ourselves - however we see fit - to renew our agreements, and state our purpose in coming together.
Openings. All openings on a walking-working surface near an opening, including one with a chute attached, where the inside bottom edge of the opening is less than 39 inches (99 cm) above that walking- working surface and the outside bottom edge of the opening is 4 feet (1.2 m) or more above a lower level is protected from falling by the use of a guardrail system, safety net system, travel restraint system, or personal fall arrest system.
Openings. الابواب 6.1 Supply, manufacture, install and paint iron door, size 100cm * 220 cm, the frame from square pipes 4cm*8cm and leaf from square pipes 3cm*6cm and steel sheet thickness 0.6 mm, with a sail, and the install a fiberglass, include all the accessories of the hinges, handles and gallons with anti-rust paint, according to the principles of workmanship توريد وتركيب باب بابعاد 2* 2.2 من مواسير 4*8سم و3*6 وساج 0.6مم والعمل تشمل البوهيات والتركيب وكل الملخقيات. No. 1 6.2 Supply, manufacture, install and paint iron windows, size 100 cm * 120 cm, the frame and leaf from square pipes 3cm * 6cm and a steel sheet thickness 0.6 mm, with a sail, and the install a fiberglass, include all the accessories of the hinges and anti-rust paint, and the ants, hooks, and grills, according to the principles of workmanship. توريد وتركيب شباك بابعاد 1* 1.2م من مواسير 4*8سم و3*6 وساج 0.6مم والعمل تشمل البوهيات والتركيب وكل الملخقيات pcs 13
Openings. Pre- and post-natal OB visits, pediatrician visits, lactation consultant visits, hospital stay pre- and post-birth, links from websites of healthcare professionals and hospitals, in- person and online mother and breastfeeding support groups. Creative ConsiderationsLiteracy, primary language and reading level must be population appropriate. • Simple navigation, easy to read and understand. • Must be encouraging, engaging, and informational without being critical or condescending. Tailoring Existing Materials on Overcoming Breastfeeding Barriers and Establishing an Effective Breastfeeding Relationship When designing educational materials, a comparison of advantages and disadvantages of developing new material versus tailoring existing materials should be conducted. There were many sources of information found for guidance on resolving issues related to breastfeeding in peer-reviewed literature, publicly available printed media, published books, and online sources. Consistency, accessibility, reliability, accuracy, and helpfulness are quite variable among these sources of information, although all have their share of useful information. By combining sources of information into a complete, useful, and easily accessible source of information, a more complete and useful educational source can be created and be made adaptable for various populations to be targeted. The cost, time, and other resources that would be required for developing new material cannot compete with the resources needed to compile and adapt existing material. The strategy recommended would be to tailor existing materials for this educational campaign. Identifying Materials and Templates for Adaption The following is a compilation of some of the existing reputable online breastfeeding education information sources widely available through publicly accessible sources. Those listed fit some of the desired breastfeeding instruction that would be useful in this online educational campaign. Each information source was evaluated for available features and analyzed for how the material may be improved. Specific focus on adaptation comments include how the content might be improved to better serve women who face complex problems.