Competency Sample Clauses

Competency. All parties to this Agreement verify that they are of legal age and / or otherwise competent to enter into this Agreement.
Competency. The bilingual premium will not be applicable under any circumstances except to an employee who possesses second language competency. Management reserves the right to test for second language appropriate competency prior to a Bilingual Premium Pay Differential.
Competency. The parties declare that each has fully participated in the negotiation of this Agreement, that each has carefully read this Agreement and reviewed its terms, that each has been given an opportunity to consult with legal counsel to the extent any party so desires, and that each agrees to it for the purpose of making a full and final compromise as to all matters referenced herein.
Competency. (a) Where there are matters of competency which are causing concern in respect of any teacher (for example failing to meet the beginning or fully registered professional standards as appropriate) the employer or their delegated nominee shall put in place appropriate assistance and personal guidance to assist that teacher.
Competency. Where there are matters of competency which are causing concern, the employer shall put in place appropriate collegial professional and personal guidance to assist the employee in the task to be accomplished. If this assistance does not remedy the matters of competency causing concern the following provisions should govern the action to be taken.
Competency. Competency at this level involves application of knowledge with depth in some areas and a broad range of skills. There are a range of roles and tasks in a variety of contexts. There is some complexity in the extent and choice of actions required. Competencies are normally used within routines, methods and procedures. Some discretion and judgment is involved in the selection of equipment, work organisation, services, actions and achieving outcomes within time constraints.