Urgent Care Sample Clauses

Urgent Care. This plan covers services received at an urgent care center. For other services, such as surgery or diagnostic tests, the amount that you pay is based on the type of service being provided. See Summary of Medical Benefits for details. Follow-up care (such as suture removal or wound care) should be obtained from your primary care provider or specialist.
Urgent Care. This benefit provides medically necessary outpatient care if you are outside the Plan's service area and experience an unexpected illness or injury that would not be considered an Emergency Condition, but which should be treated before re­ turning home. Services usually are provided at a Physician's office. If you require such urgent care, you should contact 1‐800‐810‐BLUE. You will be given the names and addresses of nearby participating Physicians and Hospitals that you can contact to arrange an appointment for urgent care.
Urgent Care. Medical services required promptly to prevent impairment of health due to symptoms that do not constitute an Emergency Condition, but that are the result of an unforeseen illness, injury, or condition for which medical services are immediately required. Urgent Care is appropriately provided in a clinic, physician's office, or in a hospital emergency department if a clinic or physician's office is inaccessible. Urgent Care does not include primary care services or services provided to treat an Emergency Condition.
Urgent Care. In Network and Out of Network: 100% coverage after a $25 office visit copay.
Urgent Care. Inside the KFHPWA Service Area, urgent care is covered at a Xxxxxx Permanente medical center, Xxxxxx Permanente urgent care center or Network Provider’s office. Outside the KFHPWA Service Area, urgent care is covered at any medical facility. Refer to Section IV. for more information about urgent care.
Urgent Care. Urgent Care is Medically Necessary medical or surgical procedures, treatments, or Health Care Services you receive in an Urgent Care Center or in a Practitioner’s/Provider’s office for an unforeseen condition due to illness or injury. Urgent conditions are not life-threatening, but require prompt medical attention to prevent a serious deterioration in your health. • Members are encouraged to contact their Primary Care Physicians for an appointment, if available, before seeking care from another Practitioner/Provider. • We must Prior-Authorize follow-up care by an Out-of-network Practitioner/Provider. The Member will be responsible for charges that we do not Cover. If you believe the condition to be treated is life threatening, you should seek Emergency Health Care Services as outlined below.
Urgent Care medically necessary care that is required by an illness or accidental injury that is not life-threatening and will not result in further disability but has the potential to develop such a threat if treatment is delayed longer than twenty-four (24) hours.
Urgent Care. Urgent care services 0% - After deductible The level of coverage is the same as network provider. Vision Care Services Vision exam - One routine eye exam per member per plan year. 0% - After deductible 40% - After deductible Non-routine eye exam 0% - After deductible 40% - After deductible Pediatric Vision Care for members under age 19: See Vision Services in Section 3 for benefit limits and details. These services only apply to an enrolled member under the age of 19: Prescription glasses - Frame and lenses 0% - After deductible Not Covered Contact lens (in lieu of prescription glasses) 0% - After deductible Not Covered Vision hardware for enrolled members aged 19 and older. Not Covered Not Covered
Urgent Care. Care for a non-life threatening condition that requires care by a Provider within 24 hours. [WAITING PERIOD. With respect to a Group Health Plan and an individual who is a potential participant or beneficiary in the Group Health Plan, the period that must pass with respect to the individual before the individual is covered for benefits under the terms of the Group Health Plan. The Waiting Period begins on the first day following the end of the Orientation Period, if any.] [WE, US, OUR. [Carrier]. YOU, YOUR, AND YOURS. The Contractholder.]
Urgent Care. Urgent Care Within the HMO Service Area. If the Member needs Urgent Care while within the HMO Service Area, but the Member’s illness, injury or condition is not serious enough to be a Medical Emergency, the Member should first seek care through the Member’s PCP. If the Member’s PCP is not reasonably available to provide services for the Member, the Member may access Urgent Care from a Participating Urgent Care facility within the HMO Service Area.