Normal Work Week Sample Clauses

Normal Work Week. The normal work week shall be thirty-seven and one-half (37 1/2) hours, and the normal daily hours of work shall be seven and one-half (7 1/2) hours, exclusive of a meal period. The normal work week shall be Monday through Friday and the normal workday shall be scheduled between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
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Normal Work Week. A normal work week consists of five (5) normal tours or their equivalent during a calendar week.
Normal Work Week. The normal work week shall consist of five (5) consecutive days, Monday through Friday, followed by two (2) consecutive days of rest, Saturday and Sunday; provided, if absolutely necessary, however, the District may assign an employee to a work week of any five (5) consecutive days which are followed by two (2) consecutive days of rest. Each full-time and regular employee shall be assigned to a definite and regular shift and work week, which shall not be changed without two (2) week notice to the employee, except in emergencies.
Normal Work Week. 190. A normal work week is a tour of duty comprised of fixed consecutive scheduled days of work and fixed consecutive days off within a period of seven (7) days. 191. Alternative work weeks can be established by mutual agreement. Employees shall have two consecutive days off except by mutual agreement of the parties.
Normal Work Week. An employee's normal workweek will be forty (40) hours.
Normal Work Week. Forty (40) hours con- sisting of five (5) scheduled tours of eight (8) hours each, or five (5) full-time tours for Operating employees, shall con- stitute the normal work week; however, if service require- ments demand, the forty (40) scheduled hours may be spread over any six (6) days in the calendar week. Tours may fall on any days of the week necessary to meet service requirements.
Normal Work Week. The normal work week shall consist of at least 40 hours per week and 8 hours per day.
Normal Work Week. The normal work week for employees will be: - thirty-five (35) hours per week or seven (7) hours per day, - thirty-six and one-quarter (36.25) hours per week or seven and one-quarter (7.25) hours per day, - thirty-seven and one-half (37.50) hours per week or seven and one-half (7.50) hours per day, - forty (40) hours per week or eight (8) hours per day, as designated by the College, and scheduled on five (5) consecutive days except with respect to employees engaged in continuous operations or on special shifts.
Normal Work Week. 8 Excluding meal periods, the normal work week shall consist of forty (40) 9 hours per week, not to be worked in excess of five (5) consecutive days with 10 at least two (2) consecutive days off, or four (4) consecutive days with three 11 (3) consecutive days off. Department heads shall have the authority to initiate 12 either five (5) day or four (4) day work weeks, consistent with priorities and 13 efficiencies established by the County. The normal workweek shall begin at
Normal Work Week. Work week is defined as a fixed, regularly recurring period of seven (7) calendar days designated by the Appointing Authority. It is recognized that because of the nature of their work, some of the supervisors covered by this Agreement may be required to work varied hours, work on holidays and weekends, making the maintaining of consistent starting and stopping times or the assignment of the number of hours worked in one day sometimes impossible. Insofar as practicable and without reducing the efficiency of work performance, supervisors are expected to complete normal routine work within a normal work day. Supervisor's hours may be adjusted in accordance with circumstances and with the approval of the immediate superior.