New Products definition

New Products means new products, programs or modules offered by PowerSchool and are distinguished from New Versions and Fixes. New Versions and Fixes may include New Products that provide features, functions or applications not included in the Licensed Product originally licensed by Licensee and for which additional license fees apply as determined by PowerSchool to access. A New Product may be usable with or in addition to the Licensed Product originally licensed by Licensee. New Products will be licensed to Licensee under the terms of PowerSchool’s then-current license agreement only after payment of applicable fees.
New Products means Licensed Products manufactured and assembled by Licensee after the date hereof and in accordance with this Agreement.
New Products means any change in the activities (in terms of coverage of markets and customers, products and services).

Examples of New Products in a sentence

New Products: Items that have not previously been incorporated into another project or facility.

New Products: Items that have not previously been incorporated into another project or facility, except that products consisting of recycled-content materials are allowed, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

A-102 3.5.9 New Products .......................................................................................................................

The primary businesses of the Teijin Group are Synthetic Fibers, Films and Plastics, Pharmaceuticals and Home Health Care, Trading and Retail, IT and New Products and so on.

Large Member and Small Member desire to form a joint venture as a Delaware limited liability company (the “Company”) for the distribution of Initial Products and for the research, development, manufacture and distribution of products that are not Initial Products (“New Products;” and with such activities as to the Initial Products and the New Products being the “Business”).

More Definitions of New Products

New Products means (i), with respect to each Covered Country, any life insurance or annuity product that a Purchaser Insurer is authorized to offer but was not included among the types of insurance or annuity products distributed by an International Parent Distributor in such Covered Country on the date of this Agreement and (ii) products offered by a Purchaser Insurer pursuant to arrangements contemplated by Sections 3.5(b) and 3.6(b). For avoidance of doubt, the addition of new features to Products shall not constitute New Products in whole or in part, regardless of whether any insurance regulatory filing is required in connection therewith.
New Products means microchip products developed by the Company which are primarily intended for use in applications other than secure identification, such as
New Products means those Oratec products developed, designed, intended or sold for the spine or neurosurgery markets for use by any medical practitioner which perform a significantly different function or perform in a significantly different manner from Products.
New Products means [ *** ]
New Products means clustering completely Call new products or systems of products developed by APG's R & D Group under the Executive's direction Regardless of whether or not the item originated in APG gold Was therefor obtained from a third party, while the executive is employed by the Corporation and Corporation que le gold icts Affiliates are not Producing and / or selling on the day hereof (with the exception of ISO Stone / Brick ISO qui will be included). Examples of New Products Developed in the past include Dufferin Stone, Brick Gallea, Bergerac and Mega-Celtik Wall. The parts AGREE que le product Suretouch Wall System `shall Constitute a New Product for the Purposes of this Agreement. The list of New Products will Otherwise Be Determined in writing and Agreed upon by the Executive and the Corporation Within thirty (30) days Following Each day anniversary of the Effective Date.The current list of new and modified products and is attached Schedule B. Labeled
New Products means [***].
New Products means additional functionality that substantially enhances or extends the feature set of the Software or the New Product. A “New Product” is typically separately priced and packaged by ChristianSteven and may carry a trade name different than that of the Software or may be designated as a new generation of the Software.