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Escrow Format Specification. 3.1. Deposit’s Format. Registry objects, such as domains, contacts, name servers, registrars, etc. will be compiled into a file constructed as described in draft-xxxxx-xxxxxxx-registry-data-escrow, see Part A, Section 9, reference 1 of this Specification and draft-xxxxx-xxxxxxx-dnrd-objects-mapping, see Part A, Section 9, reference 2 of this Specification (collectively, the “DNDE Specification”). The DNDE Specification describes some elements as optional; Registry Operator will include those elements in the Deposits if they are available. If not already an RFC, Registry Operator will use the most recent draft version of the DNDE Specification available at the Effective Date. Registry Operator may at its election use newer versions of the DNDE Specification after the Effective Date. Once the DNDE Specification is published as an RFC, Registry Operator will implement that version of the DNDE Specification, no later than one hundred eighty (180) calendar days after. UTF-8 character encoding will be used.
Escrow Format Specification. 3.1. If Provider has an Affiliated Registrar that wishes to also deposit the Affiliated Registrar's escrow data with Provider's escrow data, Provider may add additional CSV(s) (see 3.2.6) with such information. Only the escrow information of one 9 Note to IRT: Inclusion of Data Escrow Specification as a Specification to the Agreement as opposed to format used in the RAA under review by ICANN. Registrar may be added to the deposit tarball file, and the Registrar data escrow deposit type must be the same type as the Provider data escrow deposit.
Escrow Format Specification 

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