Legible Sample Clauses

Legible. Notary Public in and for the State of Colorado. My commission expires: eleven/zero, five/zero, seven (11/05/07) Seal. For greater integrity of the document, the Consulate General of the Republic of Nicaragua in Houston and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua authenticate the document which is in Spanish and says the following: FOUR) The Consulate General of the Republic of Nicaragua in Houston, hereby CERTIFIES the preceding signature that says: GINETTE DENNIS, is authentic and corresponds to that of the name: Ginnette Dennis. Position: Secretary of the State of Colorado. Date: March 28, 2006. “THIS CONSULATE DOES NOT ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY WITH RESPECT TO THE CONTENT OF THE DOCUMENT. “Finally, the authentication from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua, which says the following: FIVE) Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua, Consular Division. Managua, Nicaragua. The undersigned, General Consular Director hereby “certifies” that the preceding signature that says: MARIAMERCEDESBECK is authentic and is verified against that used on this date (ba). MARIA MERCEDES BECK, CONSUL FOR THE REPUBLIC OF NICARAGUA IN HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES OF NORTH AMERICA. The Institution and the Employee (a) do not assume responsibility with respect to the content of the document. Managua, Wednesday, April 05, 2006, 11;15:45 a.m. (F)
Legible. Lic. Maria Josefina Rojas Romero. Director of consular Services. Seal: Ministry of Foreign relations, Managua, Nicaragua.” So expressed the appearing parties, well instructed by me, Notary Public, concerning the object, value and legal effect of this document, the general clauses that ensure its validity, the special clauses it contains and those that address waivers and implicit and explicit stipulations. This Deed was read by me, Notary Public, to the appearing parties, who agree, approve, ratify and sign it along with me, who swears to all. (F) Angelica Arguello D. (f) Roberto Octavio Arguello V. (f) Boanerge Ojeada B. - THE FRONT PAGE NUMBER FORTY SEVEN IS PASSED ON TO PAGE FIFTY SEVEN OF MY PROTOCOL BOOK NUMBER THIRTEEN OF THE CURRENT YEAR, AT THE REQUEST OF MIS ANGELICA ARGUELLO DAMHA, THE FIRST AUTHENTICATED COPY OF SEVEN PAGES THAT I SIGN, SEAL AND INITIAL IN THE CITY OF MANAGUA, AT THREE THIRTY IN THE AFTERNOON OF APRIL TEN OF THE YEAR TWO THOUSAND SIX” Signature and Notary seal of BOANERGE ANTONIO QUEDA BACA, II. WITNESS PUBLIC DEED NUMBER TWO HUNDRED THIRTY SIX (236). TRANSLATION OF THE DOCUMENT. In the city of Managua, Republic of Nicaragua, at eight o’clock in the morning of December ten of the year two thousand eight, before me, WILLIAM MIGUEL ESPINOZA NARVAEZ, attorney and Notary Public for the Republic of Nicaragua, with domicile and residence in this city, duly authorized to act before the Supreme Court during the five year period that expires on September nineteen two thousand nine, appear Mr. Favio Josué Batres Pérez, of age, single, attorney, with domicile and residence in this city of Managua, identified through identification card number zero zero one dash one six zero six eight zero dash zero three L (001-160680-0073L) and Ms. Ana Cecilia Chamorro Callejas, of age, single, student, with domicile and residence in this city of Managua, identified through identification card number eight eight eight dash one three zero one eight six dash zero zero zero one M (888-130186-001M). I swear to personally know the appearing parties and that in my judgment they have the necessary legal civil capacity to bind and to contract, and especially to execute this instrument, in their own name and representation. The first appearing party, Favio Josué Batres Pérez speaks and says: FIRST: that he is in possession of a Certificate issued by the Secretary of the Board of Directors of Infinity Energy Resources, Inc, an American company constituted in accord...
Legible. Photo must be clear enough to read identifier, including required ID codes and marks, and judge the length accurately. After carefully examining photo details and cross-referencing other photos submitted for scoring by the same Angler in the same event, if the judge is NOT able to verify with 100% confidence that the VKT Identifier Form and ID Codes or Marks in the photo are valid for both the event and the Angler, then the photo will be denied.
Legible pool enclosure and deck plan. The small deck plan that is sometimes shown on the site plan is not generally acceptable.
Legible. Filers are required to verify that all documents are legible before the documents are filed electronically with the court.
Legible. Legible means text that can be easily read.
Legible. Can be easily read by a person with normal eyesight.
Legible or “legibly” means a communication (including, but not limited to, written expressions on paper and machine-readable transmissions for Electronic Transmissions) which may be understood or is otherwise readily decipherable by a reasonable interpreter of such communication (including by any such machines designed to interpret electronic transmissions).
Legible. Legible entries are those that can be read by County’s Project Physician or County’s Project Medical Director (see Master Agreement)
Legible. All papers and signatures shall be legible.