Format definition

Format of the Channel means either Standard Definition Feed/format or High Definition Feed/format. The term High Definition channel/feed/format means channel which carries higher resolution of Video in 16:9 aspect ratio;

Examples of Format in a sentence

  • Adhere to UFC 1-300-02 Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) Format Standard when editing this guide specification or preparing new project specification sections.

  • Institutional shareholders (i.e. other than individuals, HUF, NRI etc.) are required to send scanned copy (PDF/JPG Format) of the relevant Board Resolution/ Authority letter etc.

  • The authorization (Power of Attorney) should be on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.100/- duly attested by Notary Public (Format as per Annexure: B).

  • Institutional / Corporate Shareholders (i.e. other than individuals / HUF, NRI, etc.) are required to send a scanned copy (PDF/JPG Format) of its Board or governing body Resolution/Authorization etc., authorizing its representative to attend the AGM through VC / OAVM on its behalf and to vote through remote e-voting.

  • The format of this electronic catalog shall conform to the eVA Catalog Interchange Format (CIF) Specification that can be accessed and downloaded from

More Definitions of Format

Format or “Formatting” means the digital format for content set forth in Exhibit C-1 attached hereto or the process of converting content into eMasters.
Format means XVs, Rugby Sevens, Rugby Tens and any other format of rugby union.
Format means the organization, arrangement, and form of electronic information for use, viewing, or storage;
Format means a Party.
Format means style, arrangement and overall appearance, including such items as the size, color and prominence of type and the arrangement of text and captions. The outline of coverage shall include:
Format shall be defined as the characteristics of the Development Work including without limitation any or all of the structure, set and/or setting, characters, character relationships, themes, narrative development, concepts, situations, rules, questions, contestants, prizes, catchphrases, transmission title, and any other material factors which together comprise the distinctive elements of the Development Work including any changes and revisions to the same.
Format means the data organisation in which the electronic record is expressed or to which it refers;