All actions definition

All actions means procedures performed on the sample to detect, identify, or measure controlled substances. Examples include, but are not limited to, "examinations and screening for controlled substances," "controlled substances testing," "drug testing," "screening," "screening test," "confirmation," and "confirmation test".
All actions means not just decisions, but also: (General Comment 14 para. 18)
All actions means procedures performed on the sample to detect, identify, or measure

Examples of All actions in a sentence

  • All actions related to sales by Authorized Vendor’s Resellers under this Agreement are the responsibility of the awarded Vendor.

  • All actions that are permitted to be taken by the Controlling Note Holder under this Agreement may be taken by the Controlling Note Holder Representative acting on behalf of the Controlling Note Holder.

  • All actions taken by the Servicer in connection with any Insolvency Proceeding are subject to and must be in accordance with the Servicing Standard.

  • Claims: All actions, suits, claims, demands, investigations and proceedings of any kind, open, pending or threatened, whether mature, unmatured, contingent, known or unknown, at law or in equity, in any forum.

  • All actions taken and all interpretations and determinations made by the Administrator in good faith will be final and binding upon Participant, the Company and all other interested persons.

  • All actions related to sales by Authorized Vendor’s Resellers under this Agreement are the responsibility of the Awarded Vendor.

  • All actions and proceedings brought by any Owner or Holder against the Depositary arising out of or relating to the Deposited Securities, the American Depositary Shares or these Terms and Conditions, or any transaction contemplated herein, shall be litigated only in courts located within the State of New York.

  • All actions required to be taken to ensure compliance of all the transactions, which the Client may enter into shall be completed by the Client prior to such transaction being entered into.

  • All actions taken by any Servicer in connection with any Insolvency Proceeding are subject to and must be in accordance with the Servicing Standard.

  • All actions of the Executive Committee shall be reported to the Trustees at the meeting thereof next succeeding to the taking of such action.

More Definitions of All actions

All actions means here selfish actions (Kamya Karmas). One should renounce selfish actions. Life is not possible without some kind of activity. Selfless activities must be continued.
All actions means procedures performed on the sample to detect, identify, or measure controlled substances. Examples include, but

Related to All actions

  • Environmental Actions means any complaint, summons, citation, notice, directive, order, claim, litigation, investigation, judicial or administrative proceeding, judgment, letter or other communication from any Person or Governmental Authority involving violations of Environmental Laws or Releases of Hazardous Materials (a) from any assets, properties or businesses owned or operated by any Loan Party or any of its Subsidiaries or any predecessor in interest; (b) from adjoining properties or businesses; or (c) onto any facilities which received Hazardous Materials generated by any Loan Party or any of its Subsidiaries or any predecessor in interest.

  • Environmental Action means any action, suit, demand, demand letter, claim, notice of non-compliance or violation, notice of liability or potential liability, investigation, proceeding, consent order or consent agreement relating in any way to any Environmental Law, Environmental Permit or Hazardous Materials or arising from alleged injury or threat of injury to health, safety or the environment, including, without limitation, (a) by any governmental or regulatory authority for enforcement, cleanup, removal, response, remedial or other actions or damages and (b) by any governmental or regulatory authority or any third party for damages, contribution, indemnification, cost recovery, compensation or injunctive relief.

  • Final action means an action by the Board that concludes an investigation of an allegation of misconduct against a licensed educator.

  • Governmental Actions means any and all consents, approvals, permits, orders, authorizations, waivers, exceptions, variances, exemptions or licenses of, or registrations, declarations or filings with, any Governmental Authority required under any Governmental Rules.

  • Formal proceedings means proceedings conducted before a judge with notice to interested persons.

  • Remedial Actions means those actions taken in the event of a radioactive release or threatened release into the environment to prevent or minimize the radioactive release so that it does not migrate and cause significant danger to the present or future public health, safety, or welfare, or to the environment. Remedial action includes, but is not limited to, actions at the location of the release such as storage, confinement, perimeter protection which may include using dikes, trenches, and ditches, clay cover, neutralization, dredging or excavation, repair or replacement of leaking containers, collection of leachate and runoff, efforts to minimize the social and economic harm of processing, provision of alternative water supplies, and any required monitoring to assure that the actions taken are sufficient to protect the public health, safety, and welfare, and the environment.

  • Legal Action means and includes any claim, counterclaim, demand, action, suit, counterclaim, arbitration, inquiry, proceeding or investigation before any

  • Civil action means all suits or claims of a civil nature in a state or federal court, whether cognizable as cases at law or in equity or admiralty. "Civil action" does not include any of the following:

  • Actions has the meaning set forth in Section 7.7 hereof.

  • Informal proceedings means proceedings for probate of a will or appointment of a personal representative conducted by the probate register without notice to interested persons.

  • criminal proceedings means criminal proceedings in relation to which the strict rules of evidence apply;

  • Industrial Action has the meaning given to it in paragraph 1(f) of Schedule 10.4 (Force Majeure);

  • Causes of Action means any claim, cause of action (including Avoidance Actions or rights arising under section 506(c) of the Bankruptcy Code), controversy, right of setoff, cross claim, counterclaim, or recoupment and any claim on contracts or for breaches of duties imposed by law or in equity, demand, right, action, Lien, indemnity, guaranty, suit, obligation, liability, damage, judgment, account, defense, power, privilege, license, and franchise of any kind or character whatsoever, known, unknown, fixed or contingent, matured or unmatured, suspected or unsuspected, liquidated or unliquidated, disputed or undisputed, secured or unsecured, assertable directly or derivatively, whether arising before, on, or after the Petition Date, in contract or in tort, in law or in equity, or pursuant to any other theory of law. Causes of Action also include: (a) all rights of setoff, counterclaim, cross-claim, or recoupment, and claims on contracts or for breaches of duties imposed by law; (b) the right to object to or otherwise contest Claims; (c) claims pursuant to sections 362, 510, 542, 543, 544 through 550, or 553 of the Bankruptcy Code; and (d) all claims and defenses set forth in section 558 of the Bankruptcy Code.

  • Environmental Proceedings means any judicial or administrative proceedings arising from or in any way associated with any Environmental Requirement.

  • Disputes means any dispute, claim or controversy arising out of, connected with or relating to this Agreement or any other Loan Document, between or among parties hereto and to the other Loan Documents.

  • Governmental Action means all permits, authorizations, registrations, consents, approvals, waivers, exceptions, variances, orders, judgments, written interpretations, decrees, licenses, exemptions, publications, filings, notices to and declarations of or with, or required by, any Governmental Authority, or required by any Legal Requirement, and shall include, without limitation, all environmental and operating permits and licenses that are required for the full use, occupancy, zoning and operating of the Property.

  • Quebec Action means the Quebec Action as defined in Schedule A.

  • Material Action means to institute proceedings to have the Company be adjudicated bankrupt or insolvent, or consent to the institution of bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings against the Company or file a petition seeking, or consent to, reorganization or relief with respect to the Company under any applicable federal or state law relating to bankruptcy, or consent to the appointment of a receiver, liquidator, assignee, trustee, sequestrator (or other similar official) of the Company or a substantial part of its property, or make any assignment for the benefit of creditors of the Company, or admit in writing the Company’s inability to pay its debts generally as they become due, or take action in furtherance of any such action, or, to the fullest extent permitted by law, dissolve or liquidate the Company.

  • Lawsuit means any lawsuit, arbitration or other dispute resolution filed by either party herein pertaining to any of this Warrant, the Facility Agreement and the Registration Rights Agreement.

  • Remedial Action Plan means a work plan for performing remedial action under this part.

  • Ontario Action means the Ontario Action as defined in Schedule A.

  • Criminal proceeding means a proceeding instituted by means of the swearing of an information, the laying of a charge or the return of an indictment, before a Court of competent jurisdiction in Canada with jurisdiction to hear and determine the charges referred to therein, alleging or charging that the "Insured" has contravened the provisions of any Provincial or Federal statute, including the Criminal Code, R.S.C. 1985 ch. C-46 as amended, which creates an offence or crime and which provides for conviction thereunder, whether by way of summary conviction or indictment, and as a result of which the "Insured" is liable to be convicted, fined or sentenced to some form of imprisonment or other punishment.

  • Action shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 3.1(j).

  • Response Action means the investigation, cleanup, removal, remediation, containment, control, abatement, monitoring of or any other response action to the presence of Regulated Substances or Contamination in, on, at, under or emanating from the Stadium Site, including the correction or abatement of any violation required pursuant to Environmental Laws or by a Governmental Authority.

  • Actions or Proceedings means any action, suit, proceeding, arbitration or Governmental or Regulatory Authority investigation or audit.

  • Substantial action means adopting, publicizing, and implementing a formal plan to cease scrutinized business operations within 1 year and to refrain from any new business operations.