July 1998 Sample Clauses

July 1998. In consideration of the premises and the mutual covenants hereinafter contained, the Fund and Manager agree to amend the Agreement as follows:
July 1998. For the Government of the For the Self-denominated Republic of Guinea-Bissau: Military Junta: For the Contact Group of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP): S/1998/825 English Page 5 Appendix II Declaration The Self-denominated Military Junta declares, before the Contact Group of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP), to be in the disposition of laying down arms under the terms to be defined in the context of a peaceful resolution of the conflict. Bissau, 26 July 1998. For the Self-denominated Military Junta: S/1998/825 English Page 6 Xxxxx XX [Original: English and French] Final communiqué of the joint Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)/Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP) consultative meeting on the situation in Guinea-Bissau, held at Praia, Cape Verde, on 25 and 26 August 1998
July 1998. 2. The States Parties to this Agreement may replace a customs duty of a fiscal nature or the fiscal element of a customs duty by an internal tax.
July 1998. 103.71623070 July 2002....... 125.
July 1998. As soon as possible after the expiry of this Contract, the Reassured shall determine the adjusted reinsurance premium due hereon by applying a rate of 5.00% to the total Gross Net Written Premium Income applicable to original each claim policy limits of up to and including US$300,000, including Premium in respect of the Reassured's Defence Costs Allowance Rider issued on original each claim policy limits of US$100,000, but subject always to the application of the Minimum Premium due for the period hereon. Any additional premium due in excess of the previously paid Minimum and Deposit Premium due for the period hereon shall be remitted to Reinsurers.
July 1998. Preliminary recommendations for the systematic strengthening of the United Nations human rights mechanisms, prepared for the Bureau of the Commission on Human Rights. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, 1994 “Article 71” in Xxxxx Xxxxx (ed.) The Charter of the United Nations: a commentary (1994). Xxxx Xxxxxx, 1 April 1999 (first version of a Master´s thesis, Åbo Akademi). Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxx, 1997 “NGOs and Special Procedures of the U.N. Commission on Human Rights” in Human Rights, the United Nations, and Nongovernmental Organizations, a Xxxxxx Center publication. Xxxxx Xxxxx, 8 December 1997 “Report on 8 December Meeting of Governments on NGO Access” (xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/ngos/docs97/fall97_htm). Xxxxx Xxxxx, 9 December 1997 “Report on 9 December Meeting of Governments on NGO Access” (xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/ngos/docs97/fall97_3.htm). Xxxxx Xxxxx, 11 December 1997 “Report on 11 December Informal Government Consultations on NGO Access” (xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/ngos/docs97/fall97_4.htm). Xxxxx Xxxxx, 15 December 1997 “Report on 15 December Meeting of Governments on NGO Access” (xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/ngos/docs97/fall97_7.htm). Xxxxxx Xxxx, 1996 “Nongovernmental Organizations in the United Nations System: The Emerging Role of International Civil Society” Human Rights Quarterly 18 (1996) p. 107-141. Xxxxxxx Xxxx, 17 September 1998 “Pace on NGO Access Restrictions at the United Nations” (xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/ngos/docs98/pace-98a.htm) Xxxxxxx Xxxx, 15 July 1997 “NGOs Accreditation to the General Assembly: A memo from INTGLIM” (xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/ngos/docs97/paceanal.htm). Xxxxxxx Xxxx and Xxxxx Xxxxx, 17 December 1997 “Informal Consultations on NGO Conclude” (xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/ngos/docs97/fall97_5.htm). Xxxxxxx Xxxx and Xxxxx Xxxxx, 27 October 1997 “Update on NGO Access” (xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/ngos/docs97/fall97_1.htm). Xxxxx X. Xxxx, 4 February 1999 “NGO Access at the UN” (draft statement) (xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/ngos/analysis/jap-accs.htm). Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx, 1990 “The Role of Nongovernmental Organizations in the Drafting of the Convention on the Rights of the Child” Human Rights Quarterly 12 (1990) p. 137-147. Xxxx Xxxxx, 1999, The role of human rights non-governmental organizations in international law, with emphasis on the United Nations (Master´s thesis, Åbo Akademi, March 1999). Xxxx Xxxxx, May 1999, interviews and discussions with persons from both the United Nations Secretariat and from the non-governmental organiza...
July 1998. The Vendor shall provide releases of the Charges (except the Belgravia Charge) to the Purchaser at Settlement.
July 1998. For the Government of the Argentine Republic For the Government of the Republic of South Africa PROTOCOL By signing the Agreement between the Government of the Argentine Republic and the Government of the Republic of South Africa for the Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments, the undersigned agreed the following provisions, which constitute an integral part of the Agreement:
July 1998 the Province of Trento presents itself as an aggrieved party before the inquiry undertaken by the Trento Public Prosecutor’s Office. 13 July 1998: the examining magistrate at the court of Trento, Xxxxx Xxxxxx, decides not to proceed for lack of jurisdiction. 21 July 1998: Hons. Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx and Valpiana, members of the Chamber of Deputies, present Bill 5146 demanding the institution of « A Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into the Cermis Tragedy ».
July 1998. The subject matter of the dispute and the order is a small boy, S, who was born on 2 January 1997 and is now 19 months old, 18 months old as at the date of the judge’s order. Bearing in mind his age, we will make an order that this case should be reported under initials only. D The relevant part of the judge’s order is: