December 1997 Sample Clauses

December 1997. When the Seller acquired the Company in 1997 it had two dormant subsidiaries, Eden Communications Limited (registered no. 2372353) and Eden Innovations Limited (registered no. 2355634). Both companies were dissolved in December 1997.
December 1997. The Lessor will provide for cafeteria services after 31. December 1997 at a charge to be agreed upon by Lessor and Lessee. 4.2. The Lessor will charge separately for visitors, coffee or other special services. 5. Library, Self-Service Model Shop, Stockroom, Mail Distribution, Copiers Scanners Printers 5.1. The Lessor will provide the above referenced services to the Lessee at no additional charge until 31. March 1997. 5.2. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Services Agreement such services will be charged to the Lessee after 31. March 1997. 5.3. The Lessor will provide a quote of charges before 25. March 1997 to the Lessee for such services beyond 31. March 1997.
December 1997. If We give You a non-renewal under clause 7.28 the agreement will expire and You will not be entitled to any further commission for this Connection. Example two The agreement starts on 1 January 1996 and will end on 31 December 1997. You connect a New Customer to Business Saver Plus Flexi-Plan on 1 June 1996. You will be entitled to the flat rate commission on 1 July 1996 and assuming the Connection remains current You will be entitled to percentage commission:
December 1997. 31 December 1996 ------------------------ ------------------------ Carrying Estimated Carrying Estimated amount fair value amount fair value (Pounds)000 (Pounds)000 (Pounds)000 (Pounds)000 ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- Non-derivatives-- Cash at bank and in hand 36,652 36,652 40,891 40,891 Trade debtors 222,700 222,700 300,308 300,308 Other fixed and current asset investments 1,625 1,625 187,157 187,157 Long-term debt (199,089) (199,089) (551,565) (551,565) Amounts due to Old WMI (668) (668) (90,376) (90,203) Derivatives relating to debt -- (3,259) -- (2,780) Other derivatives carried as-- Prepayments Accruals and deferred -- -- -- -- income -- -- -- (48) Letters of credit, bonds Cash and trade debtors The carrying amounts of these items are considered a reasonable estimate of their fair value. Investments The quoted market prices or contracted sale price of listed investments were used as fair value. Long-term debt Interest rates currently available to the Group for debt with similar terms and remaining maturities were used to estimate fair value. Derivatives The fair value of derivatives generally reflects the estimated amounts that the Group would receive or pay to terminate the contracts at 31 December, thereby taking into account unrealised gains and losses. Dealer quotes are available for most of the Group's derivatives. Deferred realised gains and losses are shown as assets and liabilities as offsetting such amounts against the related non-derivative instruments is permitted only pursuant to a right of setoff or a master netting agreement. Off-balance sheet financial instruments In the normal course of business, the Group is a party to financial instruments with off-balance sheet risk, such as bank letters of credit, performance bonds and other guarantees, which are not reflected in the Group balance sheet. Such instruments are valued based on the amount of exposure under the instrument and the likelihood of performance being required. The directors do not expect any material losses to result from these instruments, and therefore are of the opinion that the fair value is (Pounds)nil.
December 1997. If We give You a non-renewal notice under clause 7.28 the agreement will expire and You will not be entitled to any further commission for this Connection. If We do not give You a notice under clause 7.28 of the agreement, the agreement will be extended for a further two year period from 1 January 1998 to 31 December 1999. If this happens You will be entitled to percentage:
December 1997. The contract shall become extinct after the final payment has been made (according to Clause 3.2) by 31 January 1998.
December 1997 h. Initiation of effort to upgrade the existing engineering prototype SCU unit for use as flight spare on STS-95 and provide a firm quotation for this effort within 90 days of this modification.
December 1997. In connection with the termination services, the receiving operation will not debit his customer (B subscriber) except for what he may debit for incoming calls from his own network. In connection with the access services, the sending operator will not debit the A subscriber for such services. Any supplementary services may be debited at non-discriminatory rates.
December 1997. If We give You a non-renewal notice under clause 7.28 the agreement will expire and You will not be entitled to any further commission for this Connection.
December 1997. 1.2 For each qualifying event, the qualification places obtained for the YOG will be allocated to the NOC, which implies that the athlete who qualified the particular quota place for the country has no claim on that quota place;