The Special definition

The Special. Conditions shall mean a separate agreement between the Operator (on behalf of and for the benefit of the Lenders) concerning special conditions of the Loan Agreement as well as the Application (the Quote) submitted by the Borrower and approved by the Operator and the Offer (the Acceptance) submitted by the Lender.
The Special. Member shall cease to be a member of Borrower or Borrower shall fail to have at least one member who is an Independent Manager, other than as a result of the resignation or removal of an Independent Manager, so long as Borrower is then diligently searching for a new Independent Manager.

Examples of The Special in a sentence

  • The Special Conditions of Contract (SCC) complement the GCC, specifying contractual requirements linked to the special circumstances of the Procuring Entity, the Procuring Entity’s country, the sector, and the Goods purchased.

  • The Special Conditions of Contract (SCC) complement the GCC, specifying contractual requirements linked to the special circumstances of the Procuring Entity, the Procuring Entity’s country, the sector, and the Works procured.

  • The Special Conditions of Contract that contain clauses specific to each Contract intend to supplement, but not over-write or otherwise contradict, the General Conditions.

  • The Special Conditions of Contract hereinafter abbreviated as SCC shall form part of the Conditions of Contract.

  • The Special Conditions of Tender shall have precedence in the interpretation of any ambiguity or inconsistency between it and the Standard Conditions of Tender.

  • The Special Conditions of the Bid solicitation may supersede the manufacturer’s standard warranty.

  • The Special Conditions of Contract are supplementary to that of the General Conditions of Contract.

  • The Special conditions of Contract and/or the Technical Specifications shall specify what inspections and tests the Purchaser requires and where they are to be conducted.

  • The Special Conditions, if any, will contain provisions for allowances, if applicable to this Contract.

  • The Special Conditions of Contract or the Specifications or both shall specify what inspections and tests the Purchaser requires and where they are to be conducted.

Related to The Special

  • The Customer means the original purchaser under the purchase agreement.

  • The Owner means the NATIONAL FERTILIZERS LTD., incorporated in India, having its registered office at SCOPE COMPLEX, Core No-III, 7, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003.

  • Outside Special Servicer With respect to an Outside Serviced Mortgage Loan, the special servicer under the applicable Outside Servicing Agreement.

  • General Special Servicer mean the Person performing the duties and obligations of special servicer with respect to the Mortgage Pool (exclusive of (A) any Serviced Loan Combination or related REO Property as to which a different Loan Combination Special Servicer has been appointed with respect thereto and (B) any Excluded Special Servicer Mortgage Loan or any related REO Property as to which an Excluded Mortgage Loan Special Servicer has been appointed with respect thereto).

  • the CSA means the Common Services Agency for the Scottish Health Service constituted under Section 10 of the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978;

  • The Manager The Borrower" and "Certain Legal Aspects of the Mortgage Loan," and such sections (and any other sections reasonably requested) do not contain any untrue statement of a material fact or omit to state a material fact necessary in order to make the statements made, in the light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading, (B) indemnifying Lender (and for purposes of this Section 9.2, Lender hereunder shall include its officers and directors) or any Affiliate of Lender ("Lehman") that has filed the registration statement relating to the xxxxxxtization (the "Registration Statement"), each of its directors, each of its officers who have signed the Registration Statement and each Person or entity who controls the Affiliate within the meaning of Section 15 of the Securities Act or Section 20 of the Exchange Act (collectively, the "Lehman Group"), and Lehman, each of its directors and each Person wxx xxxtrols Lehman wxxxxx the meaning of Section 15 of the Securities Act and Sxxxxxx 20 of the Exchange Act (collectively, the "Underwriter Group") for any losses, claims, damages or liabilities (collectively, the "Liabilities") to which Lender, the Lehman Group or the Underwriter Group may become subject insofar as xxx Xiabilities arise out of or are based upon any untrue statement or alleged untrue statement of any material fact contained in such sections or arise out of or are based upon the omission or alleged omission to state therein a material fact required to be stated in such sections or necessary in order to make the statements in such sections or in light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading and (C) agreeing to reimburse Lender, the Lehman Group and the Underwriter Group for any legal or other expenxxx xxasonably incurred by Lender and Lehman in connection with investigating or defending the Liabilitiex; xxxvided, however, that Borrower will be liable in any such case under clauses (B) or (C) above only to the extent that any such loss claim, damage or liability arises out of or is based upon any such untrue statement or omission made therein in reliance upon and in conformity with information furnished to Lender by or on behalf of Borrower in connection with the preparation of the memorandum or prospectus or in connection with the underwriting of the debt, including, without limitation, financial statements of Borrower, operating statements, rent rolls, environmental site assessment reports and property condition reports with respect to the Property. This indemnity agreement will be in addition to any liability which Borrower may otherwise have. Moreover, the indemnification provided for in Clauses (B) and (C) above shall be effective whether or not an indemnification certificate described in (A) above is provided and shall be applicable based on information previously provided by Borrower or its Affiliates if Borrower does not provide the indemnification certificate.

  • The Contractor means the individual or firm or company whether incorporate not, undertaking the works and shall include legal personal representative of individual or the composing the firm or company and the permitted assignees of individual or firms of company.

  • Other Special Servicer The applicable other “special servicer” under an Other Pooling and Servicing Agreement relating to a Serviced Companion Loan.

  • Child with special needs means a child with one or more of the following conditions:

  • THE LESSEE or any other Person includes without prejudice to the provisions of this Agreement any successor in title to it and any permitted assignee;

  • the State means the Karnataka State

  • The Owners means the party identified in Box 3;

  • The Master Servicer shall master service the Mortgage Loans and shall have full power and authority, subject to the REMIC Provisions and the provisions of Article X hereof, to do any and all things that it may deem necessary or desirable in connection with the master servicing and administration of the Mortgage Loans, including but not limited to the power and authority (i) to execute and deliver, on behalf of the Certificateholders and the Trustee, customary consents or waivers and other instruments and documents, (ii) to consent to transfers of any Mortgaged Property and assumptions of the Mortgage Notes and related Mortgages, (iii) to collect any Insurance Proceeds and Liquidation Proceeds, and (iv) to effectuate foreclosure or other conversion of the ownership of the Mortgaged Property securing any Mortgage Loan, in each case, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and the related Servicing Agreement, as applicable; provided, however, that the Master Servicer shall not (and, consistent with its responsibilities under Section 3.03, shall not permit any Servicer to) knowingly or intentionally take any action, or fail to take (or fail to cause to be taken) any action reasonably within its control and the scope of duties more specifically set forth herein, that, under the REMIC Provisions, if taken or not taken, as the case may be, would cause any REMIC to fail to qualify as a REMIC or result in the imposition of a tax upon the Trust Fund (including but not limited to the tax on prohibited transactions as defined in Section 860F(a)(2) of the Code and the tax on contributions to a REMIC set forth in Section 860G(d) of the Code) unless the Master Servicer has received an Opinion of Counsel (but not at the expense of the Master Servicer) to the effect that the contemplated action would not cause any REMIC to fail to qualify as a REMIC or result in the imposition of a tax upon any REMIC. The Trustee shall furnish the Master Servicer, upon written request from a Servicing Officer, with any powers of attorney empowering the Master Servicer or any Servicer to execute and deliver instruments of satisfaction or cancellation, or of partial or full release or discharge, and to foreclose upon or otherwise liquidate Mortgaged Property, and to appeal, prosecute or defend in any court action relating to the Mortgage Loans or the Mortgaged Property, in accordance with the applicable Servicing Agreement and this Agreement, and the Trustee shall execute and deliver such other documents, as the Master Servicer may request, to enable the Master Servicer to master service and administer the Mortgage Loans and carry out its duties hereunder, in each case in accordance with Accepted Master Servicing Practices (and the Trustee shall have no liability for misuse of any such powers of attorney by the Master Servicer or any Servicer). If the Master Servicer or the Trustee has been advised that it is likely that the laws of the state in which action is to be taken prohibit such action if taken in the name of the Trustee or that the Trustee would be adversely affected under the "doing business" or tax laws of such state if such action is taken in its name, the Master Servicer shall join with the Trustee in the appointment of a co-trustee pursuant to Section 9.11 hereof. In the performance of its duties hereunder, the Master Servicer shall be an independent contractor and shall not, except in those instances where it is taking action in the name of the Trustee, be deemed to be the agent of the Trustee.

  • Medical Specialist means any medical practitioner who is vocationally registered by the Medical Council under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 in one of the approved branches of medicine and who is employed in either that branch of medicine or in a similar capacity with minimal oversight.

  • the specified year means the school year beginning at or about the beginning of September 2005;

  • Clinical nurse specialist means a registered nurse with relevant post-basic qualifications and 12 months’ experience working in the clinical area of his/her specified post-basic qualification, or a minimum of four years’ post-basic registration experience, including three years’ experience in the relevant specialist field and who satisfies the local criteria.

  • The Servicer s resignation pursuant to Section 7.5 or upon the Servicer's receipt of notice of termination as Servicer pursuant to Section 8.1(a), the Indenture Trustee (or an Affiliate of the Indenture Trustee that is an Eligible Servicer appointed by the Indenture Trustee) shall be the successor in all respects to the Servicer in its capacity as Servicer under this Agreement (provided that neither the Indenture Trustee nor any other successor Servicer shall have any obligation, but may elect, to make available to an Obligor any refinancing of a Last Scheduled Payment in the manner specified in the last sentence of Section 3.2(e) hereof), and shall be subject to all the responsibilities, duties and liabilities relating thereto placed on the Servicer by the terms and provisions of this Agreement. As compensation therefor, the Indenture Trustee shall be entitled to such compensation (whether payable out of the Collection Account or otherwise) as the Servicer would have been entitled to under this Agreement if no such notice of termination or resignation had been given, except that all collections shall be deposited in the Collection Account within two Business Days of receipt and shall not be retained by the Servicer. Notwithstanding the above, the Indenture Trustee may, if it shall be unwilling so to act, or shall, if it is legally unable so to act, appoint, or petition a court of competent jurisdiction to appoint, an Eligible Servicer as the successor to the terminated Servicer under this Agreement. In connection with such appointment, the Indenture Trustee may make such arrangements for the compensation of such successor Servicer out of payments on Receivables as it and such successor shall agree, which, in no event, shall be greater than that payable to MMCA as Servicer hereunder. The Indenture Trustee and such successor shall take such action, consistent with this Agreement, as shall be necessary to effectuate any such succession including, but not limited to, making arrangements in respect of the last sentence of Section 3.2(e) of this Agreement. The Indenture Trustee shall not be relieved of its duties as successor Servicer under this Section 8.2 until a newly appointed Servicer shall have assumed the responsibilities and obligations of the terminated Servicer under this Agreement.

  • Onsite means within the Prescribed Premises boundary.

  • the Developer (“y datblygwr”) means the person carrying out the development for which the planning permission has been given;

  • the Macfarlane (Special Payments) Trust means the trust of that name, established on 29th January 1990 partly out of funds provided by the Secretary of State, for the benefit of certain persons suffering from haemophilia;

  • Erect means to construct, build, raise, assemble, place, affix, attach, create, paint, draw, or in any other way bring into being or establish.

  • The Owner/Company/BPCL means the Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, incorporated in India having its registered office at 4 & 6, Currimbhoy Road, Ballard Estate, Mumbai - 400 038 or their successors or assigns

  • Non-Lead Special Servicer means the “special servicer” under any Non-Lead Securitization Servicing Agreement.

  • the Macfarlane Trust means the charitable trust, established partly out of funds provided by the Secretary of State to the Haemophilia Society, for the relief of poverty or distress among those suffering from haemophilia;

  • Calling Name Delivery Service (CNDS means a service that enables a terminating End User to identify the calling Party by a displayed name before a call is answered. The calling Party’s name is retrieved from a calling name database and delivered to the End User’s premise between the first and second ring for display on compatible End User premises equipment.

  • extended producer responsibility ’ (EPR) means responsibility of any producer of packaging products such as plastic, tin, glass, wrappers and corrugated boxes, etc., for environmentally sound management, till end-of-life of the packaging products ;