Secretaries Sample Clauses

Secretaries. 1. All full-time secretaries shall work seven and one-half (7½) hours per day which includes one-half (½) hour lunch period. Hours shall be set by the Board of Education.
Secretaries. 1. For the purpose of determining years of experience for placement on the salary guide, service of six (6) months from the date of employment constitutes one (1) year.
Secretaries. The regular work day for secretaries shall be eight (8) hours, with a half-hour, duty-free, paid lunch.
Secretaries. The regular work year for secretaries will range from 200 days to 220 days exclusive of holidays, and each secretary will be assigned to one of the following work schedules. Distinction between Administrative Secretary and Office Secretary is used to determine length of work year.
Secretaries a. Linda Eimerman would have the same seniority as she had when she left the Union September 1, 2005.
Secretaries. If a secretary is authorized by his/her immediate supervisor not to report for work, or is permitted to leave work early due to inclement weather or other emergency causes, that secretary shall be paid for the day or part of the day school is closed, subject to the other provisions of this section, up to six (6) days of cancelled school.
Secretaries. Secretaries shall have the following days off with pay. Pay shall be for the regularly scheduled hours of each Employee. Should the day off fall on a Saturday or Sunday, either Friday or Monday shall replace that day. Labor Day Thanksgiving Day after Thanksgiving Day after Easter or day during Spring Break Christmas Day New Year's Eve New Year's Day
Secretaries. The Board of Education shall pay up to $60 per credit to a maximum of six (6) approved credits per year. This shall include approved courses in the Professional Development Program of the N.J. Association of Educational Secretaries and approved skill courses. A minimum of one workshop shall be held annually within the district for secretaries during regularly scheduled work hours.
Secretaries. 1. A secretary shall notify the Superintendent as soon as her pregnancy is medically certified.
Secretaries. 1. Seniority applies only in a reduction-in-force among tenured secretaries.