Uniforms and Protective Clothing Sample Clauses

Uniforms and Protective Clothing a. Where the employer requires a midwife to wear a uniform, it shall be provided free of charge, but shall remain the property of the employer.
Uniforms and Protective Clothing. (a) Should the Employer determine that uniforms are a requirement, it is the responsibility of the Employer to provide the clothing, and it shall be the responsibility of the Employee to clean the clothing.
Uniforms and Protective Clothing. 44:01 Where the employer determines that uniforms and protective clothing are required in the performance of the employee's duties, such uniforms and protective clothing shall be provided to the employee.
Uniforms and Protective Clothing. The State agrees to provide uniforms and protective clothing and safety items to employees who are required to wear or carry such items. Where the State is presently providing a uniform and/or clothing allowance, it shall continue to do so. Additionally, protective clothing and safety items may include handcuffs and other restraint gear, pepper spray, communication devices such as radios and man-down alerts, as well as other safety equipment, duty belts, key clips, xxxx, glove case holders, flashlights, flashlight holders, clips for radios, and handcuff cases as may be appropriate for the adult or juvenile correctional facilities, and will be issued after any training requirements are met.
Uniforms and Protective Clothing. 48.01 Where the Board requires that uniforms shall be worn, such uniforms shall be provided and replaced by the Board.
Uniforms and Protective Clothing. Section 1. The University has the sole discretion to determine who will be required to wear uniforms and the type of uniforms to be worn. However, the University will notify the Union in advance of implementation of uniform requirements or changes therein so that the Union will have an opportunity to provide input. Initial issue will be a minimum of three (3) sets, generally consisting of some combination of slacks or skirts (at the employee’s option) plus sweaters, vests or jackets if applicable. If a tie is required as a part of the uniform, the University will provide two (2). If uniforms must be dry cleaned, the University will provide dry cleaning for one (1) set per week at the University’s expense. Items that are washable must be laundered by the employee. The employee is also responsible for maintenance, repair and proper care of uniforms. After eighteen (18) months, replacements will be made if needed. If replacement is required prior to that time due to damage or lack of proper care, the employee may be required to pay all or part of the cost for replacement. All University-provided uniforms remain the property of the University and must be returned upon termination.
Uniforms and Protective Clothing. Section 21.1. Uniforms and Equipment. Any uniform, safety clothing, or equipment required to be worn or used by employees shall be furnished and maintained by the County. The County shall provide suitable apparel for employees working with materials that will soil clothing beyond normal home laundry capabilities.
Uniforms and Protective Clothing. 2 If an employee is required to wear a uniform, protective clothing, or any 3 type of protective device in the performance of his or her duties, such uniform, 4 protective clothing, or protective device shall be furnished by the County; the cost 5 of maintaining the uniform or protective clothing or device, including initial 6 tailoring, shall be paid by the County, in accordance with the current practice. 7 The county will pay the cost of cleaning required protective clothing.
Uniforms and Protective Clothing. SECTION I: If any employee is required to wear a uniform, protective clothing, or any type of protective device as a condition of employment, such uniforms, protective clothing, or protective device shall be furnished to the employee by the employer except safety shoes; the cost of maintaining the uniform or protective clothing in proper working condition (including tailoring, dry cleaning, and laundering) shall be paid by the employer. All employees shall wear safety shoes while working.