Governing Body Sample Clauses

Governing Body. The Tenant is responsible for complying with all Federal, State and Local Building Codes and Laws which are in effect.
Governing Body. The council in boroughs and incorporated towns; the board of commissioners in townships of the first class; and, the board of supervisors in townships of the second class.
Governing Body. The Contractor shall establish a Governing Body responsible for oversight of the Behavioral Health Organization. The Governing Body can be an existing executive or legislative body within a county government. Each member of the Governing Body must be free from conflicts of interest and from any appearance of conflicts of interest between personal, professional and fiduciary interests. Members of the Governing Body must act within the best interests of the Contractor and the Individuals. The Contractor must maintain membership roster(s) and by-laws of the Governing Body demonstrating compliance. The Governing Body by-laws must include:
Governing Body. The duly elected legislative body of each Participating Municipality (i.e., the Parma Township Board, the Sandstone Charter Township Board and the Parma Village Council).
Governing Body with reasonable promptness, written notice of any change in the Governing Body or principal executive officer of the Company;
Governing Body. This will comprise the Leaders of the Local Authorities that are members of the Worcestershire Business Rates Pool. Appropriate substitutes can be nominated. A charge made by Central Government to limit disproportionate gains by members of the WBRP. This has been set by Central Government so that each Local Authority can never see more than a 1% increase in its baseline funding level for each 1% increase in its level of business rates. The Pool captures this levy locally and retains it amongst Pool members.
Governing Body. There is hereby established a Board of Directors in which all of the power of the Authority shall be vested. The Board of Directors (the “Board”) shall be governed by the Bylaws and shall be comprised of representatives of such Members of the Authority as set forth in the Bylaws.
Governing Body. With reasonable promptness, written notice of any change in the Governing Body of any Obligor.