Governing Body Sample Clauses

Governing Body. Contractor shall implement and maintain policies that specify the responsibilities of the governing body including at a minimum the following:
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Governing Body. (a) "Governing body," with respect to a city, means the city council or, if another board, commission, or body is empowered by law or its charter or by resolution of the city council to establish and regulate rates and charges for the distribution of electric energy within the city, such board, commission, or body shall be deemed to be the "governing body"; provided, however, that when the levy of a tax or the incurring of an obligation payable from taxes or any other action of such board, commission, or body requires the concurrence, approval, or independent action of the city council or another body under the city's charter or any other law, such action shall not be exercised under sections 453.51 to 453.62 until such concurrence or approval is received or such independent action is taken; and provided further, that the concurrence of the city council or other elected body charged with the general management of a city shall be required, prior to the adoption by the city of any resolution approving an agency agreement or any amendment thereto.
Governing Body with reasonable promptness, written notice of any change in the Governing Body of Holdings or Company;
Governing Body. Per WAC 000-000-0000, a behavioral health agency’s governing body is responsible for the conduct and quality of the behavioral health services provided. The Contractor’s governing body must:
Governing Body. (1) Each hospice shall have a governing body that assumes full legal responsibility for determining, implementing and monitoring the overall conduct and operation of the program, including the quality of the care and services.
Governing Body. The city council of a municipality.
Governing Body a. Members on the Board of Directors. The business of the Authority shall be conducted by a Board of Directors consisting of one appointed Director by each of the Members. Each Director shall be appointed by the Member Agency governing board in accordance with any Member Agency requirements. Each Director of the Authority shall be a member of the governing board of the Member or GSA for the duration of his or her term as a Director of the Authority. Each Director shall serve a four year term, or until his or her role on the Member’s governing board ends, if sooner. Each Director shall hold office until his or her successor is elected and qualifies for office, unless earlier removed by the governing board of the appointing Member. Each Director may be appointed to serve one or more additional four-year terms at the discretion of the appointing Member governing board.
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Governing Body. GOVERNING BODY of CHARTER SCHOOL shall consist of those members set forth in the Application. The composition of GOVERNING BODY of CHARTER SCHOOL shall be subject to change only in accordance with the by-laws of CHARTER SCHOOL included in the Application, a copy of which bylaws is attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference. Prior to incorporating any material change in its bylaws for the term of this Agreement subsequent to the date of this Agreement, CHARTER SCHOOL shall notify AUTHORIZER of any material change in its bylaws and may incorporate such change only upon written approval of AUTHORIZER.
Governing Body. The Authority shall be governed by a board of directors. Members of the board of directors shall be divided among the political subdivisions which comprise the Authority and shall be appointed by the respective political subdivision’s elected legislative body. The board of directors shall meet at least one time per calendar year but may draft a bylaw which allows for meeting more frequently. The board shall be subject to the Iowa Open Meetings and Open Records Laws and shall make the necessary provisions to conform to the requirements of the law. Board members shall receive no compensation for serving in such a capacity but may be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred by their respective governing body or by the Authority subject to the existence and availability of funds. Each participating political subdivision shall have one representative on the board of directors. The directors shall have staggered terms of four years with the initial terms being shortened and lengthened as necessary to achieve staggered terms. A person appointed to fill a vacancy shall be appointed in the same manner as the original appointment for the duration of the unexpired term. A director is eligible for reappointment. A director may be removed after missing three consecutive regular meetings of the board. If a director is removed a successor shall be appointed for the duration of the unexpired term of the removed director in the same manner as the original appointment. The appointing body may at any time remove a director appointed by it for misfeasance, nonfeasance, or malfeasance in office or for any of the reasons outlined in Iowa Code Section 66. The board of directors shall adopt bylaws and shall elect one director as chairperson and one director as vice chairperson, each for a term of two years, and shall appoint a secretary who need not be a director. The board may create any committees necessary to achieve the purposes and functions of this agreement. Further duties shall be set forth in the bylaws. A majority of the membership of the board of directors shall constitute a quorum of the board for the purpose of holding a meeting of the board. The affirmative vote of a majority of the quorum shall be necessary for any action taken by the Authority unless the board adopts a bylaw requiring a greater number of affirmative votes. A vacancy in the membership of the board shall not impair the rights of a quorum to exercise all the rights and perform all the duties of the Au...
Governing Body. The AURORA Steering Committee (SC) is the body responsible for all issues related to the reporting of Program related data and results in the form of publications in scientific journals and presentations at conferences. The SC shall endorse the writing committee (WC) assigned for each Publication and Presentation, and shall ensure that the Program constituencies are appropriately represented in this. The composition of the WC may differ for each Publication and Presentation and should be kept small. For each such Publication or Presentation the SC shall:
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