FIRE DAMAGE Sample Clauses

FIRE DAMAGE. (a) Except as provided below, in case of damage to the Premises by fire or other insured casualty, Landlord shall repair the damage. Such repair work shall be commenced promptly following notice of the damage and completed with due diligence, taking into account the time required for Landlord to effect a settlement with and procure insurance proceeds from the insurer, except for delays due to governmental regulation, scarcity of or inability to obtain labor or materials, intervening acts of God or other causes beyond Landlord’s reasonable control.
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FIRE DAMAGE. If (i) the casualty damage is of a nature or extent that, in Landlord’s reasonable judgment, the repair and restoration work would require more than two hundred ten (210) consecutive days to complete after the casualty (assuming normal work crews not engaged in overtime), or (ii) more than thirty (30%) percent of the total area of the Building is extensively damaged, or (iii) the casualty occurs in the last Lease Year of the Term and Tenant has not exercised a renewal right or (iv) insurance proceeds are unavailable or insufficient, either party shall have the right to terminate this Lease and all the unaccrued obligations of the parties hereto, by sending written notice of such termination to the other within thirty (30) days of the date of casualty. Such notice is to specify a termination date no less than fifteen (15) days after its transmission. In the event of damage or destruction to the Premises or any part thereof as set forth in subsections (i), (ii) or (iii) above and neither party has terminated this Lease, Tenant’s obligation to pay Fixed Rent and Additional Rent shall be equitably adjusted or abated for such time as the Premises is not capable of being used by Tenant for its Permitted Use.
FIRE DAMAGE. 22. If all or part of the leased premises is damaged or destroyed by fire or other casualty, this Lease and all of its terms, covenants and conditions shall, subject to the provisions hereinafter set forth, continue in full force and effect, and Landlord shall promptly repair such damage at Landlord’s sole cost and expense. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if such damage, in whole or in part, results from the negligence, malfeasance, or nonfeasance of Tenant or its agents, invitees, successors, or assigns, Tenant shall be liable for such damages and repairs. In the event that the damage to the leased premises or to the premises of which the leased premises is a part is so extensive as to amount practically to the total destruction of the leased premises or the building, and either Landlord or Tenant may elect to terminate this Lease by giving written termination notice to the other party within sixty days after the occurrence of the destruction., and in such event, this Lease shall cease and the rent shall be apportioned to the time of the destruction, unless such destruction, in whole or in part, was the result of the negligence, malfeasance, or nonfeasance of Tenant or its agents, invitees, successors, or assigns. For the purpose of this paragraph, damage to fifty (50%) percent or more of the rentable area of the leased premises or the building (notwithstanding that the leased premises may not be damaged) shall be deemed total destruction of the premises. Tenant acknowledges and agrees that Landlord will not carry insurance of any kind on Tenant's inventory, furniture and furnishings or any trade fixture, equipment, improvements, or appurtenances removable by Tenant under the provisions of this Lease, and that Landlord shall not be obligated to repair any damage thereto or replace the same. Nothing herein contained shall relieve Tenant from any liability to Landlord or to its insurer in connection with any damage to the demised premises, or the building in which it is located, by fire or other casualty if Tenant shall be deemed legally liable in such respect. The provisions of this section shall be considered as the express agreement governing any case of damage or destruction of the premises by fire or other casualty.
FIRE DAMAGE. In case of damage by fire to the building in which the leased premises are located, without the fault of the Tenant, if the damage is so extensive as to amount practically to the total destruction of the leased premises or of the building, or if the Landlord shall within a reasonable time decide to rebuild, this lease shall cease and come to an end, and the rent shall be apportioned to the time of the damage. In all other cases where the leased premises are damaged by fire without the fault of the Tenant, the Landlord shall repair the damage with reasonable dispatch, and if the damage has rendered the premises untenantable, in whole or in part, there shall be an apportionment of the rent until the damage has been repaired. In determining what constitutes reasonable dispatch consideration shall be given to delays caused by strikes, adjustment of insurance and other causes beyond the Landlord's control.
FIRE DAMAGE. If a Resident intentionally starts a fire, or if a fire results from negligence, such Resident shall be held financially responsible for property damage or personal loss, and may be removed from University Housing Facilities.
FIRE DAMAGE. 11.1 In case of fire, the RESIDENT shall immediately give notice thereof to THE BEC, who shall thereupon cause the damages to that portion of the building hereby leased to be repaired, but if the premises be so damaged that THE BEC shall decide not to rebuild, the term shall cease and the accrued occupancy shall be paid up to the time of said fire. In case, however, the destruction of the premises by fire shall be only partial and a portion thereof shall during the period of repairs be fit for occupancy of the RESIDENT for the purpose for which said premises are leased, then the occupancy shall be equitably apportioned and paid for the part so fit for occupancy.
FIRE DAMAGE. Section 8.01. If the Demised Premises shall be partially damaged by fire or other insured casualty, the damages shall be repaired by and at the expense of Landlord and the annual minimum rental and additional rent due under Section 7.03, Article 12 and Article 14 of this Lease until such repairs shall be made shall xxxxx equitably according to the part of the Demised Premises which is unusable by Tenant or, if by reason thereof, the Demised Premises are rendered untenantable, said rental and additional rent due under Section 7.03, Article 12 and Article 14 of this Lease shall totally xxxxx until such repairs shall be made. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the Demised Premises or the Building shall be damaged to such extent that Landlord shall decide to demolish same, or not to rebuild same, then, and in such event, Landlord may terminate this Lease upon notice to Tenant given within ninety (90) days following such event, and upon the date specified in such notice, which date shall not be less than thirty (30) days nor more than sixty (60) days following the giving of said notice, this Lease shall terminate and Tenant shall vacate and surrender the Demised Premises to Landlord. Any annual minimum rental prepaid by Tenant beyond said date (after accounting for any abatement of rent to which Tenant is entitled pursuant to this Section 8.01) shall be promptly refunded to Tenant. Notwithstanding any of the foregoing provisions of this Article, if Landlord or the holder of any superior mortgage shall be unable to collect all of the insurance proceeds (including rent insurance proceeds) applicable to damage or destruction of the Demised Premises or the Building by fire or other cause, by reason of some action or inaction on the part of the Tenant or any of its employees, agents or contractors, then, without prejudice to any other remedies which may be available against Tenant, the abatement of Tenant's rents provided for in this Article shall not be effective to the extent of the uncollected insurance proceeds.
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FIRE DAMAGE. Tenant must give Landlord immediate notice in case of fire or other damage to the Premises. Landlord will have the right to repair the damage within a reasonable time or cancel this Lease. If Landlord repairs, Tenant shall pay rent only to the date of the fire or damage and shall start to pay rent again when the Premises become usable. Landlord may cancel the Lease by giving Tenant 3 days' written notice. The Term shall be over at the end of the third day and all rent shall be paid to the date of the damage.
FIRE DAMAGE. To return to you any rent for any period that the property cannot be lived in because of fire damage provided that: • the landlord is insured against the damage • the damage was not caused by you, your household or visitors.
FIRE DAMAGE a. If, after the date hereof, the Demised Premises is damaged by fire, enemy action, or other casualty (such damage being hereafter called "fire damage"), Landlord shall repair or restore the Demised Premises, except Landlord shall have the option not to repair or restore the fire damage if:
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