Extensions Sample Clauses

Extensions. If a Registry Operator offers additional Registry Services that require submission of additional data, not included above, additional “extension schemas” shall be defined in a case by case basis to represent that data. These “extension schemas” will be specified as described in Part A, Section 9, reference 2 of this Specification. Data related to the “extensions schemas” will be included in the deposit file described in Part A, Section 3.1 of this Specification. ICANN and the respective Registry Operator shall work together to agree on such new objectsdata escrow specifications.
Extensions. The Secured Party may grant extensions of time and other indulgences, take and give up security, accept compositions, compound, compromise, settle, grant releases and discharges, refrain from perfecting or maintaining perfection of the Security Interest, and otherwise deal with the Debtor, account debtors of the Debtor, sureties, and others and with the Collateral, the Security Interest, and other security interests as the Secured Party sees fit without prejudice to the liability of the Debtor or the Secured Party's right to hold and realize on the security constituted by this Agreement.
Extensions. This Agreement shall be extended on a quarter-to-quarter basis after the expiration of its original term unless written notification is given by Contran or Recipient thirty (30) days in advance of the first day of each successive quarter or unless it is superseded by a subsequent written agreement of the parties hereto.
Extensions. The Lender may grant extensions as the Lender may see fit without prejudice to the liability of the Borrower or to the Lender's rights under this Agreement or under the Promissory Note.
Extensions. (i) The Borrower may at any time and from time to time request that all or a portion of the Term Loans of any Class (an “Existing Term Loan Class”) be converted to extend the scheduled maturity date(s) of any payment of principal with respect to all or a portion of any principal amount of such Term Loans (any such Term Loans which have been so converted, “Extended Term Loans”) and to provide for other terms consistent with this Section 2.15. In order to establish any Extended Term Loans, the Borrower shall provide a notice to the Administrative Agent (who shall provide a copy of such notice to each of the Lenders of the applicable Existing Term Loan Class which such request shall be offered equally to all such Lenders) (a “Term Loan Extension Request”) setting forth the proposed terms of the Extended Term Loans to be established, which shall either, at the option of the Borrower, (A) reflect market terms and conditions (taken as a whole) at the time of incurrence or issuance (as determined in good faith by the Borrower) or (B) if not consistent with the terms of the applicable Existing Term Loan Class, shall not be materially more restrictive to the Credit Parties (as determined in good faith by the Borrower), when taken as a whole, than the terms of the Term Loans of the Existing Term Loan Class unless (x) the Lenders of the Term Loans of such applicable Existing Term Loan Class receive the benefit of such more restrictive terms or (y) any such provisions apply after the Latest Term Loan Maturity Date; provided, however, that (1) the scheduled final maturity date shall be extended and all or any of the scheduled amortization payments of principal of the Extended Term Loans may be delayed to later dates than the scheduled amortization of principal of the Term Loans of such Existing Term Loan Class (with any such delay resulting in a corresponding adjustment to the scheduled amortization payments reflected in Section 2.5 or in the Extension Amendment, as the case may be, with respect to the Existing Term Loan Class from which such Extended Term Loans were converted, in each case as more particularly set forth in Section 2.15(a)(v)), (2)(A) pricing, fees, optional prepayment or redemption terms shall be determined in good faith by the Borrower and the interest rates, interest margins, upfront fees, funding discounts, original issue discounts and premiums (including through fixed rate interest) with respect to the Extended Term Loans may be higher or lower th...
Extensions. Unless this Lease has expired or has been sooner terminated, or an Event of Default has occurred and is continuing at the time any extension option is exercised, Lessee shall have the right and option (each, an “Extension Option”) to extend the Initial Term for the Property for two (2) additional successive periods of five (5) years each (each, an “Extension Term”), pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Lease then in effect.
Extensions. Each Supplement may be extended for additional five (5) year terms unless LICENSEE terminates it at the end of the then current term by giving LICENSOR written notice of the intent to terminate at least three (3) months prior to the end of the then current term. The initial term and all extensions under a Supplement shall be collectively referred to herein as the "Term". Notwithstanding anything herein, after the expiration of this Agreement, its terms and conditions shall survive and govern with respect to any remaining Supplements in effect until their expiration or termination.
Extensions. If the initial term is extended on the effective date for an extension under § 1.2(b), the extension shall be for a period required to extend the remaining term of this Employment Agreement to three (3) years.