Physical Damage Insurance Sample Clauses

Physical Damage Insurance. The Servicer shall, in accordance with its Customary Servicing Practices and only to the same extent, if any, that the Servicer so requires by obligors with respect to retail installment sales contracts that are held for the account of TMCC, require that each Obligor, upon the Servicer’s request, deliver proof that it has obtained physical damage insurance covering the related Financed Vehicle at the date of origination of the related Receivable, but shall not obtain any such coverage on behalf of any Obligor.
Physical Damage Insurance. To the extent applicable, the Servicer shall not take any action that would result in noncoverage under such physical damage insurance policy which, but for the actions of the Servicer, would have been covered thereunder. Any amounts collected by the Servicer under any physical damage insurance policy shall be deposited in the Collection Account pursuant to Section 5.02. The parties hereto acknowledge that the Servicer shall not force place any insurance coverage.
Physical Damage Insurance. Commercial property insurance covering (i) all furniture, trade fixtures, equipment, merchandise and all other items of Tenant’s property on the Premises installed by, for, or at the expense of Tenant, (ii) the Tenant Improvements, including any Tenant Improvements which Landlord permits to be installed above the ceiling of the Premises or below the floor of the Premises, and (iii) all other improvements, alterations and additions to the Premises, including any improvements, alterations or additions installed at Tenant’s request above the ceiling of the Premises or below the floor of the Premises. Such insurance shall be written on a “physical loss or damagebasis under a “special formpolicy, for the full replacement cost value new without deduction for depreciation of the covered items and in amounts that meet any co-insurance clauses of the policies of insurance and shall include a vandalism and malicious mischief endorsement, sprinkler leakage coverage and earthquake sprinkler leakage coverage.
Physical Damage Insurance. (a) The Receivables require that each Financed Vehicle be insured under a Physical Damage Insurance Policy. Servicer shall monitor or cause to be monitored, the status of such physical damage insurance coverage to the extent consistent with its customary servicing procedures. If Servicer shall determine that an Obligor has failed to obtain or maintain a Physical Damage Insurance Policy covering the related Financed Vehicle, Servicer shall use reasonable efforts in accordance with its customary servicing procedures to enforce the rights of the holder of the Receivable under the Receivable to require the Obligor to obtain such physical damage insurance, provided that Servicer shall not be required to take such actions if there is in place a lender's single interest policy with respect to the related Financed Vehicle that complies with Servicer's customary requirements. It is understood that Servicer will not "force-place" any Physical Damage Insurance Policy on any Financed Vehicle.
Physical Damage Insurance. (a) The insurance maintained pursuant to Section 12.1(a) shall provide that (i) so long as no Significant Default shall have occurred and be continuing the proceeds up to $100,000 for any loss or damage to any Unit shall be paid to Lessee for the purpose of repairing or restoring such Unit that has been damaged, (ii) so long as the Equipment Notes remain outstanding, the proceeds in excess of $100,000 for any loss or damage to any Unit shall be paid to the Indenture Trustee under a standard loss payable clause, and thereafter to Lessor and (iii) Lessee will be entitled, at its own expense, to make all proofs of loss and/or take all other steps necessary to collect the proceeds of such insurance.