Employment Procedures Sample Clauses

Employment Procedures. Each academic unit shall have the right to make recommendations concerning initial employment within the corresponding unit of all persons with academic titles specified in Article IV, including a recommendation concerning whether such employment shall be with or without tenure, as appropriate. Each academic unit shall develop its own procedures and criteria for making such recommendations to Oakland, which shall initiate all offers of employment. In the case of employment of a faculty member with tenure, FRPC shall have the opportunity to make an employment recommendation to Oakland. In the case of employment of a faculty member with job security, the appropriate CAP shall have the opportunity to make an employment recommendation to Oakland. At the time of employment, Oakland shall determine the value of any prior experience for the purposes of paragraph 38b below; the faculty member shall be notified as to the valuation.
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Employment Procedures. Developer and its Contractors shall implement equal employment opportunity hiring and job action procedures as those terms are commonly understood.
Employment Procedures. By accepting employment with SearchHelp, the Executive:
Employment Procedures. 1. Employees will be provided a copy of their job description upon request. Job descriptions shall be on file in the District Central Office. Job descriptions will be updated as deemed necessary by the District.
Employment Procedures. A. Employment of all Employees shall be the total responsibility of the Employer. GCA Education Services adheres to strict hiring procedures that include background checks. GCA Education Services sets all procedures based on State – Federal and Homeland Security guidelines and in accordance with school district hiring policies.
Employment Procedures. The parties agree the enclosed definition shall be incorporated into this Collective Agreement and utilized throughout.
Employment Procedures. A. Tenure Custodians shall gain tenure upon completion of employment in the District of three (3) years and one (1) day.
Employment Procedures. Section A Non-Certified Staff
Employment Procedures. 2.5.1 Upon hire, new employees will be provided an orientation appropriate to their positions to include human resources, benefits, payroll and technology department information. Additionally, location supervisors will provide information and training based on the requirements of the position and location protocol/procedures. Information may be provided electronically or in person as needed. This orientation will be completed within the first 30 days of employment. An employee will be considered on probationary status for the first ninety (90) workdays of employment and will be subject to termination at the discretion of the district, provided that termination due to poor work performance will be preceded by an evaluation during the first seventy-five (75) workdays. Such termination will not be subject to the grievance procedure. Change of job classification, change of department, or transfer to another district position outside the bargaining unit will not reinstate the probationary period described herein.