Post-Employment Cooperation Sample Clauses

Post-Employment Cooperation. Executive agrees to fully cooperate with the Employer in the defense or prosecution of any claims or actions now in existence or which may be brought in the future against or on behalf of the Employer which relate to events or occurrences that transpired or which failed to transpire while Executive was employed by the Employer. Executive also agrees to cooperate fully with the Employer in connection with any internal investigation or review, or any investigation or review by any federal, state or local regulatory authority, relating to events or occurrences that transpired or failed to transpire while Executive was employed by the Employer. Executive’s full cooperation in connection with such matters shall include, but not be limited to, providing information to counsel, being available to meet with counsel to prepare for discovery or trial and acting as a witness on behalf of the Employer at a mutually convenient times.
Post-Employment Cooperation. Executive agrees that upon separation for any reason from the Company, Executive will cooperate in assuring an orderly transition of all matters being handled by him or her. Upon the Company providing reasonable notice to him or her, he or she will also appear as a witness at the Company’s request and/or assist the Company in any litigation, bankruptcy or similar matter in which the Company or any affiliate thereof is a party or otherwise involved. The Company will defray any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Executive in connection with any such appearance. In connection therewith, the Company agrees to indemnify Executive as prescribed in Article Tenth of the Certificate of Incorporation, as amended, of the Company.
Post-Employment Cooperation. Upon and for a period of six (6) months after the Termination Date, the Employee will cooperate fully with the Company in connection with (a) any matter related to the Company’s business and activities, by being available at mutually agreeable times, in person or by telephone, and without any unreasonable interference with Employee’s other activities, to provide such information as may from time to time be requested by the Company regarding various matters in which Employee was involved during Employee’s employment with the Company, and (b) any and all pending or future litigation or administrative claims, investigations, or proceedings involving the Company, including (without limitation) Employee’s meeting with the Company’s counsel and advisors at reasonable times upon their request, and providing testimony (in court or at depositions) that is truthful, and complete in accordance with information known to him. For all activities required of Employee under this Section 9.4, Employee shall be compensated at Employee’s then hourly rate, except to the extent prohibited by law.
Post-Employment Cooperation. Executive agrees that following Executive's termination of employment under this Agreement, Executive shall, upon Company's reasonable request, in good faith and with Executive's best efforts, subject to Executive's reasonable availability, cooperate and assist Company in any dispute, controversy, or litigation in which Company may be involved and with respect to which Executive obtained knowledge while employed by Company or any of its predecessors, affiliates, successors, or assigns, including, but not limited to, Executive's participation in any court or arbitration proceedings, giving of testimony, signing of affidavits, or such other personal cooperation as counsel for Company shall request. Any such activities shall be scheduled, to the extent reasonably possible, to accommodate Executive's business and personal obligations at the time. Company shall pay Executive's reasonable travel and incidental out-of-pocket expenses incurred in connection with any such cooperation.
Post-Employment Cooperation. During Executive’s employment and for a period of two (2) years after the termination of Executive’s employment with the Company for any reason, Executive, in good faith and using diligent efforts, shall reasonably cooperate and assist the Company, at the Company’s sole cost and expense, in any dispute, controversy, or litigation in which the Company may be involved (excluding any such proceeding in which Executive is an adverse party), including without limitation Executive’s participation in any court, arbitration, or other proceedings, the giving of testimony, the signing of affidavits or declarations, or such other reasonable cooperation and assistance as the Company or counsel for the Company may reasonably request.
Post-Employment Cooperation. Upon or after termination of the Executive’s employment at any time and for any reason, the Executive agrees to take the following actions:
Post-Employment Cooperation. After the voluntary or involuntary termination of Executive's employment, Executive agrees and covenants that if the Company desires Executive to provide any information or testimony relating to any judicial, administrative or other proceeding involving the Company or to provide information relating to work transition matters, Executive will cooperate in making himself reasonably available for such purposes and will provide truthful information and/or testimony. Executive shall provide such cooperation without any additional compensation or remuneration. If after the voluntary or involuntary termination of Executive's employment should Executive be served with a subpoena in any legal proceeding relating to the Company, Executive agrees: (a) to inform the Company immediately of the subpoena; (b) to cooperate with the Company and its attorneys in preparing for any depositions or other formal process by which evidence is taken or received; and (c) to provide truthful testimony in response to questions that are within the scope of proper discovery. Executive further agrees to comply with any reasonable, lawful directions by the Company's attorneys should any litigation relating to the Company involve Executive as a witness. GREGX XXXLIANCES INC. EXECUTIVE /s/ Donnx Xxxxxxxx /s/ Kevix Xxxxxx Donnx Xxxxxxxx XAME Kevix Xxxxxx SVP, Human Resources TITLE SVP, CFO DATE: August 8, 2016 Date: 8/8/16
Post-Employment Cooperation. You agree that, following the termination of your employment with the Employer, the Company and its Subsidiaries, you will reasonably cooperate with the Company or the relevant Subsidiary with respect to any matters arising during or related to your employment, including but not limited to reasonable cooperation in connection with any litigation, governmental investigation, or regulatory or other proceeding (even if such litigation, governmental investigation, or regulatory or other proceeding arises following the date of this Award to which this Addendum is appended or following the termination of your employment). The Company
Post-Employment Cooperation. The Parties agree that certain matters in which Executive will ‎be involved during the Employment Period may necessitate Executive’s cooperation in the future. ‎Accordingly, and in addition to the obligations outlined in Section 7.4, during the twenty-four (24) month period following the termination of ‎Executive’s employment with the Company, to the extent reasonably requested by the ‎Board, Executive shall cooperate with the Company in connection with matters arising ‎out of Executive’s service to the Company, including the defense of any claims or actions that may be made by or against any member of the Company Group that relate to ‎Executive’s current or previous duties and/or responsibilities; provided that, the Company shall make ‎reasonable efforts to minimize disruption of Executive’s other activities.‎ The Company shall pay or reimburse Executive ‎for all of his reasonable travel and other direct expenses reasonably incurred, to comply ‎with Executive’s obligations under this Section 3.8(c), so long as Executive provides reasonable ‎documentation of such expenses and obtains the Company’s prior approval before incurring such ‎expenses. For the avoidance of doubt, regardless of whether the Company reimburses any expenses pursuant to this Section 3.8(c), any testimony that Executive provides in the course of ‎providing assistance must be truthful and accurate in all respects.‎
Post-Employment Cooperation. Employee agrees to make reasonable efforts to assist Company after his/her separation of employment, including but not limited to: assisting with transition of Employee’s duties, assisting with issues that arise after separation of employment, and assisting with any legal proceeding, governmental inquiries, investigations, lawsuit or claim involving matters occurring during his/her employment with Company. These duties include responding to inquiries from the Company and its designees, providing relevant information or documents, as well as providing truthful testimony at interviews, depositions or hearings, as requested by the Company or required by subpoena. The Company will reimburse Employee for reasonable time and expenses in connection with any cooperation provided by Employee after the employment separation. Time and expenses can include loss of pay or using vacation time at a future employer, mileage and expenses incurred.