Employee Benefit Plans Labor Sample Clauses

Employee Benefit Plans Labor (a) Except as set forth in Section 3.10(a) of the Company Disclosure Letter, neither the Company nor any Company Subsidiary maintains or contributes to (i) any nonqualified deferred compensation or retirement plans for employees located in the United States, (ii) any qualified “defined contribution plans” (as such term is defined under Section 3(34) of ERISA), (iii) any qualified “defined benefit plans” (as such term is defined under Section 3(35) of ERISA) (the plans set forth in (ii) and (iii) are collectively referred to herein as the “Pension Plans”), (iv) any “welfare benefit plans” (as such term is defined under Section 3(1) of ERISA) (the “Welfare Plans”), or (v) any compensatory fringe benefit or stock option plans, including written individual contracts, employee agreements, plans, programs, or arrangements, whether funded or unfunded, whether or not a Non-U.S. DB Plan, that currently are, or within the past five fiscal years of the Company or any Company Subsidiary, as appropriate, have been maintained and sponsored in whole or in part, or contributed to by any of the Company, the Company Subsidiaries and the Company Commonly Controlled Entities, for the benefit of, providing any remuneration or benefits to, or covering any current or former employee or retiree, any dependent, spouse or other family member or beneficiary of such employee or retiree, or any director, independent contractor, member, officer, consultant of any of the Company, the Company Subsidiaries and the Company Commonly Controlled Entities, or under (or in connection with) which the Company or any Company Subsidiary may have any liability (collectively clauses (i)-(v) are referred to as “Company Benefit Plans”). (b) Each Pension Plan that is intended to meet the requirements of a “qualified plan” under Sections 401(a) and 501(a) of the Code has either received a favorable determination letter from the IRS that such Pension Plan is so qualified or has requested such a favorable determination letter within the remedial amendment period of Section 401(b) of the Code. Each Company Benefit Plan, including any amendments thereto, that is eligible for approval by, and/or registration for and/or qualification for special Tax status with, the appropriate taxation, social security and/or supervisory authorities in the relevant country, state, territory or the like (each, an “Approval”) has received such Approval, or there remains a period of time in which to obtain such Approval ...

Employee Benefit Plans Labor. Section 3.11(a) of the Company Disclosure Schedule contains a true and complete list of each “Benefit Plan” that the Company, any of its Subsidiaries or any Company Joint Venture contributes to, has an obligation to contribute to, sponsors or maintains as of the date hereof for the benefit of any employees (and former employees) and directors (and former directors) and consultants (and former consultants) of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries (such plans, programs, agreements and arrangements, collectively, “Company Plans”). Schedule 3.11(a) separately identifies (x) each Company Plan to which PHH Mortgage and its Subsidiaries have an obligation to contribute to, sponsor or maintain (each, a “Company Mortgage Plan”) and (y) each Company Plan to which any of the Fleet Entities have an obligation to contribute to, sponsor or maintain (each, a “Company Fleet Plan”). The Company has provided to the Parent a current, accurate and complete copy (or, to the extent no such copy exists, an accurate description) of each Company Plan and, with respect thereto: (i) any related trust agreement or other funding instrument; (ii) the most recent determination letter, if any; (iii) any summary plan description and other written communications (or a description of any oral communications) concerning the extent of benefits provided under a Company Plan; (iv) a summary of any proposed amendments or changes anticipated to be made to the Company Plans at any time within the twelve months immediately following the date hereof, and (v) for the two most recent years or such lesser period as may be applicable (A) the Form 5500 and attached schedules, (B) audited financial statements and (C) actuarial valuation reports. For purposes of this section 3.11, “Fleet Entities”shall mean each of PHH Vehicle Management Services, Group LLC, PHH Auto Finance LLC, and their respective wholly-owned Subsidiaries.

Employee Benefit Plans Labor