Restricted Stock Sample Clauses

Restricted Stock. Shares of restricted stock granted to the Executive by the Company which have not become vested as of the date of termination of the Executive’s employment, as provided in Section 7(b), shall immediately become vested on a pro rata basis upon the Release becoming irrevocable. The number of such additional shares of restricted stock that shall become vested as of the date of the Executive’s termination of employment shall be that number of additional shares that would have become vested through the date of such termination of employment at the rate(s) determined under the vesting schedule applicable to such shares had such vesting schedule provided for the accrual of vesting on a daily basis (based on a 365-day year). The pro rata amount of shares vesting through the date of non-renewal shall be calculated by multiplying the number of unvested shares scheduled to vest in each respective vesting year by the ratio of the number of days from the date of grant through the date of non-renewal, and the number of days from the date of grant through the original vesting date of the respective vesting tranche. Any shares of restricted stock remaining unvested after such pro rata acceleration of vesting shall automatically be reacquired by the Company in accordance with the provisions of the applicable restricted stock agreement, and the Executive shall have no further rights in such unvested portion of the restricted stock. In addition, the Company shall waive any reacquisition or repayment rights for dividends paid on restricted stock prior to Executive’s termination of employment.
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Restricted Stock. “Restricted Stock” shall mean shares of Common Stock of the Company issued under this Award Agreement and subject to the Restrictions imposed hereunder.
Restricted Stock. (i) Every share of Common Stock that bears, or that is required under this Section 2.07 to bear, the Restricted Stock Legend will be deemed to be “Restricted Stock”. Each share of Restricted Stock will be subject to the restrictions on transfer set forth in this Indenture (including in the Restricted Stock Legend) and will bear a restricted CUSIP number unless such restrictions on transfer are eliminated or otherwise waived by written consent (including, without limitation, by the Company’s delivery of the Free Transferability Certificate in connection with the Notes as provided herein) of the Company, and each Holder of Restricted Stock, by such Holder’s acceptance of Restricted Stock, will be deemed to be bound by the restrictions on transfer applicable to such Restricted Stock.
Restricted Stock. All restrictions on any restricted stock, performance stock or similar stock-based awards granted by the Company, including without limitation any vesting or performance criteria, held by the Executive as of the Date of Termination shall be removed and such awards shall be deemed vested and earned in full.
Restricted Stock. Any restrictions on any ---------------- outstanding restricted or performance stock grants to Executive by SunTrust shall (subject to (S) 3(a)(2)(G)) immediately expire and Executive's right to such stock shall be non-forfeitable notwithstanding the terms of any plan or agreement under which such grants were made.
Restricted Stock. If any shares of Company Common Stock that are outstanding immediately prior to the Effective Time are unvested or are subject to a repurchase option, risk of forfeiture or other condition providing that such shares ("COMPANY RESTRICTED STOCK") may be forfeited or repurchased by the Company upon any termination of the stockholders' employment, directorship or other relationship with the Company (and/or any affiliate of the Company) under the terms of any restricted stock purchase agreement or other agreement with the Company that does not by its terms provide that such repurchase option, risk of forfeiture or other condition lapses upon consummation of the Merger, then the shares of Parent Common Stock issued upon the conversion of such shares of Company Common Stock in the Merger will continue to be unvested and subject to the same repurchase options, risks of forfeiture or other conditions following the Effective Time, and the certificates representing such shares of Parent Common Stock may accordingly be marked with appropriate legends noting such repurchase options, risks of forfeiture or other conditions. Company shall take all actions that may be necessary to ensure that, from and after the Effective Time, Parent is entitled to exercise any such repurchase option or other right set forth in any such restricted stock purchase agreement or other agreement. A listing of the holders of Company Restricted Stock, together with the number of shares and the vesting schedule of Company Restricted Stock held by each, is set forth in Part 1.9 of the Company Disclosure Letter.
Restricted Stock. In order to encourage the Participant’s contribution to the successful performance of the Company, and in consideration of the covenants and promises of the Participant herein contained, the Company hereby grants to the Participant as of the Date of Grant, an Award of [insert number of shares] shares of Common Stock, subject to the conditions and restrictions set forth below and in the Plan (the “Restricted Stock”).
Restricted Stock. (a) Each grantee under any of the MII Legacy Equity Plans who will be a B&W Employee and who will hold, as of the Distribution Date, one or more MII RSAs that are unvested as of the Distribution Date (and will not become vested as of the Distribution Date) shall receive, on the last to occur of the Distribution Date and the Registration Statement Effectiveness Date, as a replacement award in substitution for each such MII RSA (which shall be cancelled), a number of restricted shares of B&W Common Stock (a “Replacement B&W RSA”) under the B&W New Equity Plan having a value immediately following the Distribution Date equal to the value of the MII RSA (calculated using the Pre-Distribution MII Share Price), as calculated pursuant to the following provisions. In each case, the number of shares of B&W Common Stock subject to the Replacement B&W RSA shall be equal to (x) divided by (y), where (x) is the Pre-Distribution MII Share Price multiplied by the number of shares of MII Common Stock subject to the MII RSA that is being cancelled and replaced pursuant to this Section 3.2(a), and (y) is the Post-Distribution B&W Share Price, with the resulting number of shares subject to the Replacement B&W RSAs being rounded up or down to the nearest whole share. B&W shall be responsible for (i) the satisfaction of all tax reporting and withholding requirements in respect of the delivery of shares of B&W Common Stock to B&W Employees and the vesting of Replacement B&W RSAs and (ii) remitting the appropriate tax or withholding amounts to the appropriate taxing authorities in respect of the delivery and vesting of all such restricted shares. Except as provided in the foregoing provisions of this Section 3.2(a), Replacement B&W RSAs shall be granted on terms which are in all material respects identical (including with respect to vesting) to the terms of the MII RSAs which they replace.
Restricted Stock. Purchaser understands and acknowledges that the Common Stock and the Warrant Shares have not been, and when issued will not be, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Further, the Purchaser understands and acknowledges that the certificates representing the Common Stock and the Warrant Shares, when issued, shall bear a restrictive legend.
Restricted Stock. Concurrent with the closing of the Transaction, the Company shall cause the Parent to grant Executive a grant (the “Restricted Stock Grant”) of restricted shares of Common Stock (“Restricted Shares”). The Restricted Stock Grant will be pursuant and subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Stock Incentive Plan and the restricted stock agreement evidencing such grant (the “Restricted Stock Agreement”, which is attached hereto as Appendix [ ]). The Restricted Stock Grant will be comprised of 100,000 Restricted Shares and shall be subject to the vesting, termination and other terms set forth in the Restricted Stock Agreement.