Districts Sample Clauses

Districts. The Physical Location and/or Physical Presence needs to be in operation on Business Days for a minimum of eight (8) hours, between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00 pm.
Districts. (a) Northern Division: Eastern District - That portion of the Northern Division along or east of 144 degrees 30 minutes of east longitude. Western District - The remainder of the Northern Division.
Districts. Affiliate shall have the option, at its discretion, of permitting some of its members to form one or more sub- groups within the Affiliate’s Region, each of which shall be called a District. Districts shall be organized geographically within the Region, and the Affiliate shall maintain a relationship with the Districts, requiring a written agreement, by which the Districts shall be generally accountable to the Affiliate.
Districts. 8. Except as the Association shall otherwise agree, the Recipient shall maintain, throughout Project implementation, in Districts targeted under the Project, subject matter specialists such as rural engineers, community development and gender specialists, and agribusiness specialists.
Districts. 20. The Recipient shall maintain, throughout Project implementation, the Districts targeted under the Project, with an institutional framework, including District Assemblies and District Executive Committees, functions, and resources satisfactory to the Association, including, where applicable, staff with qualifications, experience, and terms of reference in accordance with the Recipient’s public service regulations, for purposes of Project implementation.
Districts. In the event any future change in the San Xxxx Municipal Code materially 23 alters the obligations of CONTRACTOR, then the affected service rates, as established 24 in Exhibit 1 of this Agreement shall be adjusted. Nothing contained in this Agreement 25 shall require any party to perform any act or function contrary to law. CITY and 26 CONTRACTOR agree to enter into good faith negotiations regarding modifications to 27 this Agreement which may be required in order to implement changes in the interest of 28 the public welfare or due to change in law. When such modifications are made to this 29 Agreement, CITY and CONTRACTOR shall negotiate in good faith, a reasonable and 30 appropriate compensation adjustment for any increase or decrease in the services or 31 other obligations required of CONTRACTOR due to any modification in the Agreement 32 under this Article. CITY and CONTRACTOR shall not unreasonably withhold 33 agreement to such compensation adjustment.
Districts. The ten districts formed jointly between the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and the Indiana State Department of Health.
Districts. Keep in mind the “five days” advance written notice period is flexible and can be extended or reduced by the District as necessary to fit a particulate situation.
Districts. The District concerned:
Districts. The Board shall include one (1) Director from each of the following water/irrigation/reclamation districts: Maine Prairie Water District, Reclamation District 2068, and Rural North Vacaville Water District.