Districts Sample Clauses

Districts. Affiliate shall have the option, at its discretion, of permitting some of its members to form one or more sub-groups within the Affiliate’s Region, each of which shall be called a District. Districts shall be organized geographically within the Region, and the Affiliate shall maintain a relationship with the Districts, requiring a written agreement, by which the Districts shall be generally accountable to the Affiliate.
Districts. The Board shall include one (1) Director from each of the following water/irrigation/reclamation districts: Maine Prairie Water District, Reclamation District 2068, and Rural North Vacaville Water District.
Districts. To determine a basis for selecting committee members, the following dis- tricts of the production area are hereby initially established: District No. 1: (Coastal Bend) The Counties of Victoria, Calhoun, Goliad, Refugio, Bee, Live Oak, San Patricio, Aransas, Jim Wells, Nueces, Kleberg, Brooks, Kenedy, Duval, and McMullen in the State of Texas. District No. 2: (Laredo) The Counties of Za- pata, Webb, and Jim Hogg in the State of Texas. District No. 3: (Lower Valley) The Counties of Cameron, Hidalgo, Starr, and Willacy in the State of Texas. District No. 4: (Wilson-Karnes) The Counties of DeWitt, Wilson, Atascosa, and Karnes in the State of Texas. District No. 5: (Winter Garden) The Counties of Val Verde, Frio, Kinney, Uvalde, Me- dina, Maverick, Zavala, Dimmit, and La Salle in the State of Texas. Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA § 959.28
Districts. Districts will be designated as Wolf Creek, Helena, Augusta, and Lincoln. Wolf Creek, Augusta, and Lincoln will have designated and assigned District Operators.
Districts. Except as set forth in Schedule 4.8.13, all of the Real Property is located in any Special District or similar designated area or is part of any other association, authority or district, which imposes which imposes ad valorem taxes or assessments or special requirements or limitations on development and/or construction in addition to those generally applicable in the localities in which such property is located. No Seller has made any unusual commitments or representations to any Governmental Body or other Person which would in any way be binding upon Buyer or would interfere with Buyer's ability to develop and improve as a residential development any of the Real Property.
Districts. 8. Except as the Association shall otherwise agree, the Recipient shall maintain, throughout Project implementation, in Districts targeted under the Project, subject matter specialists such as rural engineers, community development and gender specialists, and agribusiness specialists.
Districts. After the Merger, FTDI shall collect from Members as part of the Clearing House Statement district dues as provided for in the FTDA Bylaws, that it will remit district dues to FTDA or to districts at FTDA's direction and FTDI shall have no claim against the assets of any districts of FTD or FTDA prior or subsequent to the Merger.
Districts. The District concerned:
Districts. The ten districts formed jointly between the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and the Indiana State Department of Health.
Districts representative(s) will inspect facilities (whether on a random and unannounced basis, or on a previously scheduled basis, either being at the DISTRICT’s discretion) to determine CONTRACTOR’s compliance with the specifications for the Services. DISTRICT’S representative will record deficiencies (whether unperformed or inadequately performed Services) and communicate the same to the CONTRACTOR using the rubric set out in Appendix C. If the deficiency is failure to perform a reoccurring Service, then CONTRACTOR shall notify the DISTRICT representative in writing that the deficiency was corrected within the following periods after CONTRACTOR’S receipt of the DISTRICT’S initial notice: