Infrastructure Improvements definition

Infrastructure Improvements means a street, road, sidewalk, parking facility, pedestrian mall, alley, bridge, sewer, sewage treatment plant, property designed to reduce, eliminate, or prevent the spread of identified soil or groundwater contamination, drainage system, waterway, waterline, water storage facility, rail line, utility line or pipeline, transit-oriented development, transit-oriented property, or other similar or related structure or improvement, together with necessary easements for the structure or improvement, owned or used by a public agency or functionally connected to similar or supporting property owned or used by a public agency, or designed and dedicated to use by, for the benefit of, or for the protection of the health, welfare, or safety of the public generally, whether or not used by a single business entity, provided that any road, street, or bridge shall be continuously open to public access and that other property shall be located in public easements or rights-of-way and sized to accommodate reasonably foreseeable development of eligible property in adjoining areas. Infrastructure improvements also include 1 or more of the following whether publicly or privately owned or operated or located on public or private property:
Infrastructure Improvements means the construction or

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  • Infrastructure improvements that directly benefit eligible property.

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Infrastructure Improvements means necessary or desirable infrastructure improvements relating to the convention center, the stadium facility, the related parking facilities or the on-site related private development, as the case may be, including, but not limited to, structures over roads and highways, roadway improvements, pedestrian improvements, landscaped plazas, piers, foundations and other structural work on the Adriaen's Landing site or the stadium facility site or off-site as determined by the secretary to be necessary or desirable in connection with the development of the Adriaen's Landing site or the stadium facility site, and whether undertaken by the secretary or any other agency, department or public instrumentality of the state, as more particularly described in the master development plan.
Infrastructure Improvements shall have the meaning set forth in Section 18.
Infrastructure Improvements is defined in the Recitals.
Infrastructure Improvements means improvements in the manner of water, sewer and other utility facilities and connections, storm water and storm water detention facilities, roadways and parking facilities, made or caused to be made by or on behalf of, as the case may be, Sprouts at and on and, as the case may be, adjacent to or near the Premises or surrounding area in accordance with the Master Site Plan pursuant to this Agreement.
Infrastructure Improvements. Infrastructure Improvements" means those off-site and on-site infrastructure improvements as more specifically described on the Site Work Plans attached as Exhibit "D" installed, made, constructed, restored or relocated by the Aladdin Parties in order to prepare the Site for the development and construction of the Redeveloped Aladdin, and for ongoing operation as required by the DPW Agreement, the Traffic Study and the County, including, without limitation, grading, pad preparation, streets (including, without limitation, the realignment of Xxxxxx Avenue, if and to the extent the County requires the completion of such realignment), xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx, sidewalks, curbs, bridges, turning lanes, traffic control devices, traffic signals, traffic mitigation measures, water drainage and flood control mitigation measures, street lights, driveway and walkway lights, Building lights (including lighting and ceilings that are underneath the Retail Facility), signage, landscaping, pedestrian bridges, tunnels and overpasses and preparation for the installation of utilities.
Infrastructure Improvements means any real estate physical improvements (including, without limitation, grading, road building, landscaping, utility installations and other similar development improvements contemplated by or required for the permitted proposed redevelopment of the property) and related expenditures for such improvements (including without limitation, planning documentation, studies, engineering plans and plan fees in support of the physical improvements and permitting process).