Xxxxxx et al Sample Clauses

Xxxxxx et al. Case No. 2:16-cv-10277. The Complaint, ECF No. 1, seeks declaratory and injunctive relief under the citizen-suit provision of the Safe Drinking Water Act, 42 U.S.C. § 300j-8(a);
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Xxxxxx et al. No. 2:16-cv-10277 (E.D. Mich. Jan. 27, 2016), and appeals arising out of that matter, including Case No. 16-2628 in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit;
Xxxxxx et al. Case No. 15-cv-14002 (E.D. Mich. Nov. 13, 2015); Xxxx et al. v.
Xxxxxx et al. Case No. 16-000017 (Mich. Ct. Cl. Jan. 15, 2016); and any other case against Government Parties in which one or more Plaintiffs may be determined to be a class member. 115. Plaintiffs and Government Parties do not waive or limit any claim, remedy, or defense, on any grounds, related to the Flint Water System’s compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule after the Termination Date. Nothing in this Agreement absolves Government Parties from any obligation to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act and the regulations enacted thereunder.
Xxxxxx et al. Case No. 1:19-cv-01926-LPS (D. Del.); and consolidated case caption In re Xxxxxx Biomet Holdings, Inc. Federal Derivative Litigation, No. 2019-cv-01855 (D. Del.); and (iii) any claims of any person or entity who or which submits a request for exclusion that is accepted by the Court.
Xxxxxx et al. Civil Action No. 1:12-cv-10872-DJC (D. Mass.).
Xxxxxx et al. Civil Action No. 5:19-CV-06151-SVK (DMR) Plaintiffs A.O., A.S.R., L.C., R.M., and I.Z.M. (“Plaintiffs”), on behalf of themselves and all members of the proposed class (“Class Member(s),” as further defined below), and Defendants‌ U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”); Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”); Xx X. Jaddou, in her official capacity as Director of USCIS; Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, in his official capacity as Secretary, DHS; and Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx, in her official capacity as Director, USCIS National Benefits Center, (collectively, “Defendants”) by and through their attorneys, hereby enter into this Settlement Agreement, entered into this 17th day of August, 2021, and effective upon the Effective Date defined below. Plaintiffs and Defendants are jointly referred to as the “Parties.”
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Xxxxxx et al and the case number is 19-cv-06151- SVK. The court in charge of this case is the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, the Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxx Keulen presiding. This class action involves claims by the Plaintiffs that the Government imposed a new requirement on eligibility for SIJ petitions and, as a result, did not approve the SIJ petitions of petitioners who received juvenile court orders from a California Juvenile Court under Xxx. Welfare & Inst. Code §§ 300 and 303, on the ground that the California Juvenile Court did not have jurisdiction or authority to “reunify” the petitioner with his or her parents (the “Reunification Authority Requirement”). A federal court has temporarily ordered the Government to stop imposing the alleged new requirement on SIJ petitioners who filed SIJ petitions after they turned 18 and before turning 21. However, before the Court made a final determination in this lawsuit regarding whether the Government’s conduct is lawful or unlawful, Plaintiffs and the Government reached this Settlement. This Settlement does not seek any money from the Government on behalf of the Class, except to reimburse Plaintiffs’ attorneys for their fees and costs spent in bringing this lawsuit.
Xxxxxx et al. (c). The provider further agrees that it shall maintain current client records which chart progress toward achievement of goals and which meet applicable requirements of contracts, law, regulations, and professional standards."
Xxxxxx et al. 2014; Xxxxxxxxx and Xxxxxxxxxx 2011; Xxxxx et al. 1997; Xxxxxx et al. 2017; Xxxxxx et al. 2019). Additional characteristics of the species such as dispersal ecology may also play a role, and there also may be additional undetermined factors that affect the distribution of populations at different spatial scales (Xxxxxx and Xxxxxxxxxx 2015; Xxxxx et al. 1997;
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