Held in Escrow Sample Clauses

Held in Escrow. The Deposit shall be held in escrow and disbursed by Escrow Holder strictly in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
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  • Data Escrow Registry Operator shall comply with the registry data escrow procedures set forth in Specification 2 attached hereto (“Specification 2”).

  • Withdrawals From Escrow Account Withdrawals from the Escrow Account shall be made by the Seller only (a) to effect timely payments of ground rents, taxes, assessments, premiums for Primary Mortgage Insurance Policies, fire and hazard insurance premiums or other items constituting Escrow Payments for the related Mortgage, (b) to reimburse the Seller for any Servicing Advance made by Seller pursuant to Subsection 11.08 hereof with respect to a related Mortgage Loan, (c) to refund to any Mortgagor any funds found to be in excess of the amounts required under the terms of the related Mortgage Loan, (d) for transfer to the Custodial Account upon default of a Mortgagor or in accordance with the terms of the related Mortgage Loan and if permitted by applicable law, (e) for application to restore or repair of the Mortgaged Property, (f) to pay to the Mortgagor, to the extent required by law, any interest paid on the funds deposited in the Escrow Account, (g) to pay to itself any interest earned on funds deposited in the Escrow Account (and not required to be paid to the Mortgagor), (h) to the extent permitted under the terms of the related Mortgage Note and applicable law, to pay late fees with respect to any Monthly Payment which is received after the applicable grace period, (i) to withdraw suspense payments that are deposited into the Escrow Account, (j) to withdraw any amounts inadvertently deposited in the Escrow Account or (k) to clear and terminate the Escrow Account upon the termination of this Agreement.

  • Disbursements from the Escrow Account a. At such time as Escrow Agent has collected and deposited instruments of payment in the total amount of the Advance and has received such Common Stock via D.W.A.C from the Company which are to be issued to the Investor pursuant to the Standby Equity Distribution Agreement, the Escrow Agent shall notify the Company and the Investor. The Escrow Agent will continue to hold such funds until the Investor and Company execute and deliver a Joint Written Direction directing the Escrow Agent to disburse the Escrow Funds pursuant to Joint Written Direction at which time the Escrow Agent shall wire the Escrow Funds to the Company. In disbursing such funds, Escrow Agent is authorized to rely upon such Joint Written Direction from Company and may accept any signatory from the Company listed on the signature page to this Agreement and any signature from the Investor that Escrow Agent already has on file. Simultaneous with delivery of the executed Joint Written Direction to the Escrow Agent the Investor and Company shall execute and deliver a Common Stock Joint Written Direction to the Escrow Agent directing the Escrow Agent to release via D.W.A.C to the Investor the shares of the Company's Common Stock. In releasing such shares of Common Stock the Escrow Agent is authorized to rely upon such Common Stock Joint Written Direction from Company and may accept any signatory from the Company listed on the signature page to this Agreement and any signature from the Escrow Agent has on file. In the event the Escrow Agent does not receive the amount of the Advance from the Investor or the shares of Common Stock to be purchased by the Investor from the Company, the Escrow Agent shall notify the Company and the Investor.

  • No Escrow The proceeds of this offering will not be placed into an escrow account. As there is no minimum offering, upon the approval of any subscription to this Offering Circular, the Company shall immediately deposit said proceeds into the bank account of the Company and may dispose of the proceeds in accordance with the Use of Proceeds.

  • Deposit of Escrow Securities in Escrow (1) You are depositing the securities (escrow securities) listed opposite your name in Schedule “A” with the Escrow Agent to be held in escrow under this Agreement. You will immediately deliver or cause to be delivered to the Escrow Agent any share certificates or other evidence of these securities which you have or which you may later receive.

  • Collection of Taxes, Assessments and Similar Items; Escrow Accounts (a) To the extent required by the related Mortgage Note and not violative of current law, the Master Servicer shall establish and maintain one or more accounts (each, an "Escrow Account") and deposit and retain therein all collections from the Mortgagors (or advances by the Master Servicer) for the payment of taxes, assessments, hazard insurance premiums or comparable items for the account of the Mortgagors. Nothing herein shall require the Master Servicer to compel a Mortgagor to establish an Escrow Account in violation of applicable law.

  • Deposits into Escrow Account The Concessionaire shall deposit or cause to be deposited the following inflows and receipts into the Escrow Account:

  • Claims Upon Escrow Fund (a) Upon receipt by the Escrow Agent on or before the last day of the Escrow Period of a certificate signed by any officer of Acquiror (an "Officer's Certificate"):

  • Deposits into the Escrow Account All Subscribers will be directed by the Issuer and its agents to transmit their data and subscription amounts, via Escrow Agent’s technology systems (“Issuer Dashboard”), directly to the Escrow Account to be held for the benefit of Subscribers in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and applicable regulations. All Subscribers will transfer funds directly to the Escrow Agent (with checks, if any, made payable to “Prime Trust, LLC as Escrow Agent for Investors in [●]”) for deposit into the Escrow Account. Escrow Agent shall process all Escrow Amounts for collection through the banking system, shall hold such funds, and shall maintain an accounting of each deposit posted to its ledger, which also sets forth, among other things, each Subscriber’s name and address, the quantity of Securities purchased, and the amount paid. All monies so deposited in the Escrow Account and which have cleared the banking system are hereinafter referred to as the "Escrow Amount." No interest shall be paid to Issuer or Subscribers on balances in the Escrow Account. Issuer shall promptly, concurrent with any new or modified Subscription Agreement and/or offering documents, provide Escrow Agent with a copy of the Subscriber’s subscription and other information as may be reasonably requested by Escrow Agent in the performance of their duties under this Agreement. Escrow Agent is under no duty or responsibility to enforce collection of any funds delivered to it hereunder. Issuer shall assist Escrow Agent with clearing any and all AML and ACH exceptions. Funds Hold — clearing, settlement and risk management policy: All parties agree that funds are considered “cleared” as follows: * Wires — 24 hours after receipt of funds * Checks — 10 days after deposit * ACH — As transaction must clear in a manner similar to checks, and as Federal regulations provide investors with 60 days to recall funds. For risk reduction and protection, in making an effort to provide flexibility to Issuer, the Escrow Agent shall at its discretion post funds as cleared starting 10 calendar days after receipt. Of course, regardless of this operating policy, Issuer remains liable to immediately and without protestation or delay return to Prime Trust any funds recalled for whatever reason pursuant to Federal regulations. Notwithstanding the foregoing, cleared funds remain subject to internal compliance review in accordance with internal procedures and applicable rules and regulations. Escrow Agent reserves the right to deny, suspend or terminate participation in the Escrow Account of any Subscriber to the extent Escrow Agent, in its sole and absolute discretion, deems it advisable or necessary to comply with applicable laws or to eliminate practices that are not consistent with laws, rules, regulations or best practices.

  • Deposits into Escrow a. All Cash Investment Instruments shall be delivered directly to NCPS for deposit into the Escrow Account described on Exhibit A hereto. Each such deposit shall be accompanied by the following documents:

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