Distribution Shares definition

Distribution Shares means those Shares with respect to which the Fund intends to distribute dividends and which confer on their holder the right to receive such dividends, if and when declared by the Fund;
Distribution Shares means Shares which distribute their income.
Distribution Shares means the shares of New Common Stock to be issued on the Effective Date or reserved for issuance as of the Effective Date, excluding shares of New Common Stock, if any, reserved for the Management Incentive Plan. The Distribution Shares are subject to dilution by the issuance, if any, of the New Common Stock, options, or any other equity awards, pursuant to the Management Incentive Plan.

Examples of Distribution Shares in a sentence

  • In relation to Classes of Shares available as Distribution Shares, the Fund intends to distribute an annual dividend to the Shareholders of such Class.

  • The dividend distribution policy may vary between Distribution Shares within the same or different Sub-Funds.

  • Distribution Shares and Capitalisation Shares issued within the same Sub-Fund will be represented by different Share Classes.

  • Whenever dividends are distributed to holders of Distribution Shares, their Net Asset Value per Share will be reduced by an amount equal to the amount of the dividend per Share distributed, whereas the Net Asset Value per Share of Capitalisation Shares will remain unaffected by the distribution made to holders of Distribution Shares.

  • Capitalisation Shares capitalise their entire earnings whereas Distribution Shares pay dividends.

More Definitions of Distribution Shares

Distribution Shares means the aggregate number of shares of New Alpha Common Stock constituting the Share Distribution.
Distribution Shares has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.
Distribution Shares means 9,461,009 SpinCo Common Shares.
Distribution Shares means the Printco Common Shares, the Schoolco Common Shares, the Techco Common Shares and the Travelco Common Shares.
Distribution Shares means those Shares providing for the payment of net income earned and attributable to the Share at the date on which such income is to be distributed (see Section III.1.B ) and representing one undivided Share in the capital of the Company;
Distribution Shares means the shares of Common Stock, par value $.001 per share, of Planet, together with certain options to purchase such shares of Planet Common Stock, to be issued and distributed by Planet as contemplated by this Agreement.
Distribution Shares means the Series A Preferred Shares and the Ordinary Shares (other than the C Ordinary Shares);