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New Teachers. The qualifications of teachers selected for the first time shall be those fixed by the Minnesota Department of Education. In 2001-02 a maximum of twelve (12) years of previously gained years of service in other schools will be credited for teachers employed for the first time by District No. 11 any time during the effective dates of this Contract. In 2002-03, the maximum credit shall be thirteen (13) years of previously gained years of service. This provision is not retroactive to previous contracts. In order to receive step placement credit at the beginning of a school year, employment records and transcripts must be received within sixty (60) calendar days of employment; the effective date for step placement credit for records and transcripts received after 60 days will be subject to Article IX, Section 2.
New Teachers means new to the profession) Elementary teacher must pass State
New Teachers shall be defined as all Teachers hired to commence duties with the Board on or after September 1, 1987.

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  • Evidence must be provided by each instructor of having satisfactorily completed the required courses (12 semester hours for New Teachers) in driver education at an approved teacher training institution.

  • Further, the MDE is committed to using the rigorous, independent program evaluations to build evidence to recommend, when and where appropriate, that codified policy barriers be reconsidered.Starting Strong: Supported Transitions for New Teachers and LeadersThe early years of teaching and leading are critical to both effectiveness and persistence in the educator professions.

  • This Agreement shall not be amended except by the written agreement of the parties.

  • Math Teacher, to attend “Calculus AB – New Teachers APSI Online – University of Alabama” from June 19, 2020 through June 26, 2020.

  • Participating New Teachers who are making satisfactory progress towards meeting the District Teaching Standards shall receive assistance at a level to be determined by the Peer Coaches.

  • Peer Coaches and the PAR Panel shall have a primary responsibility in the assistance and review of New Teachers to whom they are assigned (see Section above).

  • District mentors and new teachers are expected to attend district’s monthly New Teachers Meetings for ongoing support and guidance.

  • See 3.10 below for full description of IA.3.7 Initial Support Process for New Teachers (ISP): The Initial Support Process (ISP) for New Teachers is a team-supported initiation to the Professional Development Continuum (PDC) designed to provide new employees with on-site and District support toward achieving the Standards of Effective Instruction.

  • New Teachers: Orientation of new teachers will be paid at the professional development rate.

  • Approve the following dates and times for the New Teachers Meetings.

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New Teachers here means non-civil servant teachers managed by the govern- ment, community teachers subsidised by the govern- ment and also less qualified teachers recruited in English- speaking countries.

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