Boot Allowance Sample Clauses

Boot Allowance. The District will pay $180 toward the purchase and/or repair of work boots for District Employees listed in the District’s Work Apparel Policy and/or at the discretion of the employee’s department manager. Payment will be made by the first full paycheck of the employee’s date of hire and annually thereafter. Boots must meet applicable OSHA standards for the duties assigned.
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Boot Allowance. It shall be a condition of employment that appropriate safety footwear be worn where designated by the Co-operative. Regular employees at these worksites who are required to wear safety footwear shall be reimbursed for the purchase of safety footwear to a maximum of one hundred and seventy-five dollars ($175.00), upon providing a receipt. For new employees, reimbursement will not be made until the employee passes probation.
Boot Allowance. ‌ For regular employees who have passed their probationary period, the Employer shall contribute one hundred dollars ($100.00) annually towards the purchase of safety footwear where required by WorkSafeBC Regulations.
Boot Allowance. The Employer will pay an allowance to each employee a maximum of two hundred dollars ($200.00) annually upon receipt of purchase of boots. The allowance is intended as reimbursement for the purchase of work boots, as required, for all seasons.
Boot Allowance. An additional twenty cents ($0.20) per hour boot allowance for all members of the asphalt crew (including the truck driver, where they work in the asphalt alongside the asphalt crew).
Boot Allowance. (a) Each Regular employee shall receive an annual boot allowance of one hundred (100) dollars payable in the pay period in which December 25th occurs. Each Auxiliary employee who has worked four hundred (400) hours in the calendar year shall receive an annual boot allowance of fifty (50) dollars payable in the pay period in which December 25th occurs.
Boot Allowance. All employees who have completed their probationary period employed in the Maintenance and Equipment Department classifications as well as the Maintenance Clerk, Operations Clerk, Stores Persons and all Specialized Services Operators shall be entitled to a maximum of $195 each year, for work boots that meet CSA standards. Effective March 1, 2013, this allowance increases to $205.00 each year. Probationary employees shall be reimbursed a pro-rated amount of the boot allowance upon successful completion of the probationary period. Regular and Part-Time employees transferring into a department or classification requiring safety boots will be required to purchase safety boots upon transfer. Reimbursement will be issued upon successful completion of the trial period on a prorated basis. For the purpose of these payments, the year is March 1 – February 28.
Boot Allowance. Employees shall receive an annual boot allowance, calculated as follows: the number of daily hours of work established for his or her route multiplied by thirty dollars ($30.00), to a maximum of two hundred forty dollars ($240.00) per year. Such payment shall be issued by January 31st each year. The number of daily hours of work shall be determined by dividing by five (5) the number of weekly hours of work established by the Corporation for the employee’s route.
Boot Allowance. Employees who are required by Management to wear safety shoes/boots in carrying out their job duties, shall receive an annual (in February) allowance of $200 for the cost of purchasing such boots. Such safety shoes/boots must meet safety standards as determined by Management. Employees required to wear safety shoes/boots shall purchase such shoes/boots within 90 days of hire.
Boot Allowance a. Employees assigned as motorcycle riders, alternate riders, pilots and observers shall receive an initial boot allowance, effective the first day of assignment as a Category I motorcycle rider, Category II motorcycle rider or permanent assignment as a pilot or observer.